Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday afternoon...

Just wanted everyone to see how Annabel is spending her Sunday afternoon. She took a good nap this morning, but couldn't keep her sats up so they had to do the CPAP thing. Goal is to go home and only use this during the nights. They began Pedialyte this morning at 8:00 with 5cc and will up 5cc every 3 hours. She needs to tolerate these so she can begin the pediasure. I think their goal is 40cc at a time.
She had her bath and is just hanging out watching her DVD's.


The VW's said...

What a set-up! She looks so content and like she is feeling much better! I'm so happy for you! I'll keep praying for you and your sweet girl!

Kathy said...

So adorable! Annabel looks like the CEO of a Fortune 500. You go girl!

Seeing the pics of Annabel with her Tara brought tears (of joy!) to my eyes. It is obvious they adore each other!

Hope you slept well Cathy and ate all your soup. Delicious soup is so comforting.

Praying for a speedy recovery and for you two to be home soon (but not a moment too soon, God's timing!)


Laurie in Ca. said...

Such sweet pictures Cathy. She looks so darned good and I am so thankful for this. Praying for the both of you to be going home really soon. I am so happy for Gods hands in all of this. Love you Cathy and Annabel.

Love and Hugs, Laurie

my3sons said...

How cute is that? I'm so jealous! She looks very content sitting right there relaxing! SO happy she is feeling better:) Katie

May said...

wow...DVD service in hospital room? this is one lucky baby. Can i ask is the blue table yours? it seems really useful.

Anonymous said...

All that is left is the "mani-pedi" appointment!! :) HOORAY!!! That is the Annabel we all like to see! HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!
Love, Lisa :)
P.S. Did I say HOORAY?????????