Sunday, March 18, 2012

Trisomy 18 Awareness Day!

Annabel's life has brought so much to our world. She has taught and continues to teach our family so much. From the smallest of things to the biggest. Even though many days her illnesses cause me much stress, it is also on many more days that her touch, her sweet smile and the soft sounds that she make cause me to have the most peaceful of days.

It is a fact that most of our medical profession doesn't see much purpose in their lives (trisomy 18). They strongly encourage the parents to abort and  I am so thankful that Annabel wasn't met by this same fate. God truly has a plan for each one of us on this earth, long before we even make it here! 

  Below are  comments that three of my older children left on their facebook page.  I do know that when and if Annabel is called home we will all miss her and be incredibly sad but I hope we all remember how blessed we have been to have been able to share her precious journey with her.

Tara's comments: 
Today could not be a better day! My favorite little girl in the world turns 7 and I get to celebrate this blessed day with her and my family. Happy Birthday Annabel!!!
Tyler's comments: 
Spending the day at the beach with the Birthday girl. Annabel Grace Shelander 7 years of miracles. Being born on St. Patrick's day she may have had some Luck of the Irish rub off on her
Carly's comments:  Happy 7th Birthday to the strongest most amazing little girl I know my baby sis Annabel Grace!!!