Thursday, May 19, 2011

We had a good run...

We were home about a month doing ok. No line infections and no UTI's. Over the weekend it was obvious her urine wasn't looking so good but still nothing more than a low grade fever which seems to have become her normal. We drew her labs on Tuesday as always in preparation of having her weekly TPN mixed. The doctor called that evening and ask what was going on with Annabel. I mentioned the milky/dirty looking urine when she was cathed. He then ordered blood cultures and UA with cultures. By Wednesday evening they were calling saying she needed to be admitted due to gram neg bacteria in her urine. It was their hope to catch this early and not let it get to her blood. They admitted and hit her with 3 antibiotics and tonight it seems that all we are dealing with is just a UTI. I am so relieved. The bug has been identified and sensitivity identified. She has been switched to just one antibiotic and if her peaks and troughs come out like they want she may be discharged as early as tomorrow. Can I begin to say how thankful I am that nothing more has shown up?
My prayers are for thanksgiving that her line infections have stayed at bay for over a month now.