Saturday, December 26, 2009

A brief glimpse of our Christmas...

Cathy's side of the family...

Cousin's on Mel side of the family (Annabel was napping)

Mel's side of the family

Double Blessings....(they still look cute in their feetsy p.j's)

Meemaw and Grumpaw (Cathy's parents)
Our family with Tyler in our hearts!!!

Linzy and Derek

Annabel with her Christmas sweater from her Loma and Lanny

Tara and Derek after Christmas Eve Mass..

Meemaw with her soldier boy...

Annabel, Tara, Shauna (their cousin), Carly and Colette

Don't tell us she doesn't understand...

She is intently listening to her story...

All the way to the end...

Aunt Valeria's family, Corey and Molly

Aunt Paula and Uncle Carl



Annabel and Aunt Paula

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Wishing all peace and joy this Christmas seasons. Thanking everyone for their love, prayers and support getting us through another year. Blessings to your families!!