Monday, April 20, 2009

Any input welcome...CPAP v. Bi-PAP

I want to begin by saying again and again that Annabel is here because of so many prayers being offered up on her behalf. It is looking like this c-diff bacteria is being taken care of by this antibiotic. We are still waiting for the orders to be written for a type of diluted formula that her tummy will handle and see if she tolerate this.

They are having to change her from the CPAP to the Bi-Pap. We knew that this could happen eventually just not being this soon. In reviewing her readings from yesterday and last night she seems to be having more central apenea than initially thought. Her repirations become very low then this makes the saturation levels drop. She has begun to do this more during the day even without being in a deep sleep. You cannot judge these numbers as acurately when she is awake due to her moving her foot which is where the lead is. From what I understand the CPAP forces the air in at a certain level. They have moved her level twice already and had to add oxygen to that and she still had too many episodes. This is what may be inacurate, the Bi-Pap will have two levels,one that is set to forces the air in and then one that helps the air out.
I guess I am asking that if anyone has any knowledge of a child that was on C-PAP moved to Bi-PAP that they would give me information on how their child is doing. You can either comment on here or you can email me listed on the sidebar of the blog.

There has been some talk of other reasons for what could be happening if this doesn't seem to work. I will wait to share those after it is decided how she does on the BiPap the next few days.


Kathy said...

Hi Cathy,

I will be praying that bi-pap is just the ticket for Annabel.

One of the comments on Stellan's blog was from a mom who said you have to block out all the doctor's "it could be's" and wait until they decide what you are dealing with before worrying and sweating the details. You are such a wise woman. Annabel is so very blessed to have you for her mommy!

Praying along with you for Stellan, tomorrow especially, for his surgery. Praying for sweet Princess Annabel to continue her recovery, for the bi-pap to work well and for your return home together soon.

You and Jennifer (Mckmama) have great husbands to hold down the fort at home so you can focus entirely on getting your little ones well. Thanks, Mel!!!
Love you girls!

Nanci said...

Hi Cathy:

I just got a message from a yahoo group I belong to. I am Nanci, mom to Soleah (tri-18m) from Houston, Texas. I heard you were also from Texas. I haven't had time to read your site to find out more but I do have experience with bi-pap/c-pap with Soleah when she was younger.

Please email me @

Blessings, Nanci

Katie said...

My Husband, Lee, just recently started using a Bi-PAP machine. It does force air in as well as help you release air. It has helped him tremendously and hopefully it will help Annabel too.

Anonymous said...

Dear Cathy,
I wish I could help take some of this burden from your shoulders - you always seems to have an issue waiting for you on the back burner. I am so proud to know you and call you friend!
Annabel looks WONDERFUL!!!!!
Love to ALL!

Kelly said...

cathy, i don't know anything about cpap or bi-pap, but i'm sure many people will chime in and give you the info you need. i'm so glad the antibiotic seems to be helping annabel. it's really awesome to see those big smiles :) you can tell she loves her teachers to pieces! and they love her to pieces too i'm sure! how could you not?!?!?!? we will be sending warm thoughts to your family in texas. give annabel a squeeze from her fans in chicago.

amykr said...

The move from CPAP to BiPAP is not all together the negative it sounds. There is an inspiratory pressure and an expiratory pressure. The inspitory pressure is higher so that when she takes a breath it will be bigger and the expiratory pressure is low but helps to keep her airway open when she exhales. It actually is more comfortable and will feel more natural to her while reducing some of the work of breathing and letting her conserve a little more energy.

It sounds like you are on top of this and are being the great mom she deserves. I wil lkeep yoru whole family in my prayers.


buddzoo said...

Do you mind sharing with me your experiences with the apnea and when you started with a cpap? I have a 4 week old t-18 baby who, in every other way, is in amazing shape. But she has really bad apnea/bradycardia and I am trying to convince the pediatrician to let us try a cpap. Would love input on your experiences. i don't have time to update my blog with a newborn, but it is I'm on facebook too under susan kraieski budd. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

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