Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Keep those prayers a coming...

As our soldiers were making their last stop leaving the U.S. there was a group to welcome them to Maine. We recieved a link with 150 picture of the troops arriving and this group welcomed them and took photos. What a wonderful idea and I know how excited I was to receive them. So as the holidays approach pray for all the soldiers and their spirit as they are away from families and families worry about them. We love you, Tyler!

As I mentioned in the last post Dr. B so far has received positive news. Connie today went for the result from the mass that was removed a few ago. The news was not good. She does have cancer and will need chemo. Ok, I totally cannot imagine how she will do it with all that is on her plate. Yes, her faith is very strong but her responsibilites are many. I can't imagine taking care of a special Angel and going through chemo. If anyone wants to offer words of encouragment, you can click on Mallorie Rose on Annabel's sidebar.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Being thankful...

Just a quick note of praise and thanksgiving. Dr. B went to M.D.Anderson today for her first appointment, was scheduled for surgery tomorrow. The good news is that the oncologist (thankful that she got into her so quick) think it is not cancer! She will still need surgery so please keep her in your prayers but I think not until next week. Praying that God heals and gets her back on her feet. Well, I really know he heals...

Next, thankful for our new Dr. J who is Annabel new urologist in Houston. I had all but given up hope on urology, which of course, is a big problem for Annabel. This was our 2nd visit. He is so approachable, gives us timelines and help setup appointment in the future. He recommends equipment (such as foley cath, etc) and says he will help us with Medicaid to get what is needed. The results of her CMG from last week are definitely an abnormal CMG. Says she needs the tethered cord surgery, for many reason like her body curving sideways, bowel and bladder, lung capacity. So I feel sure it is needed and he(urology) will follow up 6 weeks after to see if there is improvement in her bladder function. Only if and then he finds that it didn't work will we then revisit the vesicostomy or Mitranoff (sp) procedures. I have never felt in such good hands, with Dr. B (pedi), Dr. J (urology), Dr. J (neurosurgeon), Dr. V(pulm), and Dr. S (cardio). I am going to relax and know that God is in control and know He will surely lead us in the direction He would have us go.

Thankfulness for Connie in her recovery from surgery. She finds out the results of her surgery (mass) tomorrow afternoon. Lots of prayers for these results. Mallorie was also put in the hospital again briefly but is home and feeling well today.

Thankful for two days in a row of phone calls from my soldier, Tyler. I guess I can't let myself get spoiled. From what I hear when he is at his final destination it could be weeks, like maybe 6wks. and I not hear anything. Lets see if I still profess that I know God is in control.

Let me not close by saying how thankful for all of you! There are days I think I can't continue this blog but then I just think of these people who have come into our lives from all over the world. Praying for you all and your families.