Tuesday, July 26, 2011


The conference was wonderful. So many new families and families already met. Families who have lost much and families who have new! Many smiles and laughs and also tears shed! In this journey sometimes you can't help but wonder who will not be returning next year. You never want to sound down or negative but in this world you can't avoid it. A huge thank you to the Marohn family and the Cook family. It was an unbelievable conference for all.

I am so glad we had the opportunity to travel with Annabel to Chicago. Thank you to Mel, Tara, Carly and Colette for agreeing to our road trip. Mel and the girls did all the tourist type things. They saw the Astro's at Wrigley's field, ate deep dish pizza, saw blue man group, went to 2nd City to see comedians.

There were many things that were highlights of our conference like meeting Barb Farlow, Annie's mom who is doing so much for all of our children. Annie's life was cute way too short when doctors there in Canada decided her life wasn't worth saving. It is very sad but Barb has put so much of her time and energy into doing everything to change this.
Also, we were able to meet Annabel's Internet boyfriend Dawson. What a sweetie...his parents Josh and Renae are amazing and so much fun. I decided this conference needs to last a week at least so we can just spend time together with nothing going on but hanging out!
Also seeing Kelli and Akaiya...can I say this girl has grown so much. Kelli will be on the board next year for St. Louis.
Also, getting to know Krissy and Terre. We will be meeting up again. To new friends Maddison T18 and her little sister Emma, parents Micah and Angie. These are two busy parent with active little girls.
Getting to meet and hear Rick Santorum speak and hear his story of Isabella, 3 years old and Trisomy 18.

If you know that I took pictures and they aren't shown here I am having much trouble with one of the camera's I took photos with...I am hoping to work this out soon. I have many more to come.
Annabel returning from vacation to therapy!
The sightseeing bunch visiting us at the hotel...
Gabriella and Annabel visiting...
Annabel making sure her Team know what to do for the HOPE Stroll... 
This is new on Annabel's wish list...

Dawson, Annabel's internet boyfirend...He is even cuter in person!

Aniella, Dawson and Annabel getting tired from too many photos

Josh, Dawson's dad holding Annabel..

Annie's Mom T13, Barb Farlow (middle) with Annabel and Tara...

Annabel sleeping in the RV...

Chicago bound in the RV...

A huge reminder along the way...

No the RV isn't really moving, silly!

Carly, Mel and Colette

Tara and Mel

Just a few of the trisomy families participating in the Stroll for Hope

Girls attending the Astros game at Wrigley's Field

Annabel sleeping with her eye's opened...

Team Annabel, ready..set...GO!

Gabriel (Partial T18) and Annabel