Friday, July 20, 2012


Sorry I have put updates on Facebook but it is harder to update blog. She is still in PCU. She is still require her pain meds and she is now I oxygen around the clock. Confusing since she didn't have it the first 36 hours after surgery. She sleeps most of the time and doesn't want to interact much yet. But overall I see her eyes open more and not wincing in pain all the time. They did begin to try to feed her 15mls. Of pedialyte twice last night is that is good. Will try to update later.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Change of Plan.... No Bag!!!

Thank you for prayers. When Dr. M opened her, he saw a bad part of the small intestines that had a growth and another part that had totally twisted and folded over on itself. So instead of an ileostomy he removed the growth and resected her bowel further. He isn't sure that she won't need the ileostomy in the future, but for now we are so thankful. He also doesn't feel that the growth is cancer. Yay, no bag... We are waiting to see her in recovery. She will be moved to PCU and should be out in 3 days.