Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Just how it is....

I guess the picture summarizes our last week or so. We have had some tummy troubles and some testing. Annabel's gut continues to be full of air and she was seeming to be in intense pain especially in the evening. It was talked about her having some sort of obstruction, but that was ruled out after almost 11 hours of continuous testing. She seems to have incredibly slow motility. The next day was spent in Houston having shoulder x-rays which her PMR dr. suspected dislocation from previous x-rays. After 3 different sets trying to get them just right they just ruled that it is consistent with a neromuscular disorder (basically low/weak muscle tone affects the alignment). I never felt she had a dislocation but I hated to just ignore what they were saying. After these appt. made it to GI dr. We are going to try to readjust her laxative and how we are giving it but his recommendation is a fundiplication(sp.?). I would have to be convinced to have this procedure as to the fact that she has never showed any reflux after numerous testing to rule this out. So I have been a little exhausted with her not attending school and just the stress of being up several nights listening to her scream in pain. At this point she is moving things through by adding Milk of Magnesia every 4-6 hours with tons of water. She has made two days of school and that provides me with a huge rest. We assume the flu is visiting our home with Mel and Colette (one of the twins) being affected. Trying to juggle sick rooms from well rooms so Annabel hopefully will not come down with this. It is bringing very high fever, severe headache and aching all over. This would scare me if Annabel would get this. She did come down with cold/runny nose again this weekend but no fever and she is sleeping at night, YIPPEE!
As you can tell from the picture we have had many P.J. days!