Monday, February 6, 2012

A day in therapy through pictures...

             This is Annabel during therapy playing Old MacDonald's Farm
    "If You are Happy and YOu KNow it, Clap Your Hand!" her favorite song!

                                        Loving on Mr. Potato Head  

                                      Stretching in PT with Courtney...
                                Playing catch with Meg and Courtney
Stretching on the ball in PT...

Annabel seems to do much better with a PICC line vs. the central line. She doesn't seem to have all the skin breakdown or the blood infections due to the central line.
She seems to have more colds since being on the ventilator in late September and this we were warned about. She had 3 great weeks of labs after being off the TPN for two weeks. The last two weeks of her labs are not good for her liver. Again, in the big picture she has been in patient since early January. Her liver is either stressed or taking a hit from something we can see. We are hoping it is just due from a new medicine she is being given for motility. One of its side effects are very hard on liver and kidneys. We also have seen a decline in her output and are watching.  Her nights are hard and we aren't sure if the medicines are causing her to cramp and she appears like she can't stop moving her legs when these episodes occur. We are still dealing with her gagging/retching/vomiting but just aren't read to give up all hope on her feeding again. Oh how she gets so close and then falls sick again!
Tomorrow will be lab day and if these labs still aren't good we will call and request to be discontinued from this medicine.

Today was therapy day. She is always so happy and cooperative even when tired and not feeling her best. She just always wants to please, for this we are so proud of her. She is a very hard worker and rarely gives up.

I want to especially thank who all still come by to see Annabel's blog. There was always times when I felt that I had nothing left to say (nothing positive) or just felt flat and could post. I have felt this for a long while now. I know when I follow others blogs, I may not comment but I always read. If they go long without a post I become very concerned. So even if I don't feel I have much to say,  I am going to try to post pictures. Just know if Annabel is ill that I will always try to put something up. So again thank you for leaving your comment or just coming by to see her sweet smile.