Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"Oh Happy Days..."

I am truly hoping that I can sing this most of the summer! I have been reading this blog "Caleigh's Corner" and this mom has some great resources. If she doesn't know it, she probably knows someone who does.

I was looking on her blog and saw her daughter swimming with this tube around her neck. I went directly to the Waterways Babies site and purchased one. It arrived the following day and we were in the pool that afternoon. Of course this was after purchasing some tegaderm bandage from another mother whose daughter has a central line. On her daughters blog she details about her daughters dressing change and how to care for it. So today Annabel's dressing stayed dry and she swam for 45 minutes. I can only imagine how much freedom and good therapy this will be for Annabel. Of course, this make for a very happy momma if I feel we can give Annabel good quality of life. I was just watching over the video and it looks as if Annabel cannot see. We have to shield Annabel from the sun as her eyes are very sensitive to the sunlight. We have the brim of her hat very low and sunglasses on and then of course the intertube. She can see us and we can see her smiling when she is floating.