Thursday, June 5, 2014

Where to start.....

Please forgive me for being away. So many have stood by our side for so long with your constant thoughts and prayers. So many times when I updated it was through Facebook, mainly because it was quicker and easier. I love to post pictures and I was having so much trouble on my new apple computer and just became frustrated.
 Tonight I couldn't get a signal on my computer where it is easier to type so this update will be brief.
In October Annabel had her total colon removed. After this she had 5 very successful weeks of eating through her g-tube. She continued to live life free of a central line until this past Dec '13 when her stomach totally stopped working. The first of January she had her central line placed and continues to struggle with eletrolyte issues, obstruction issue! vomiting and dumping. She is suffering ongoing liver damage. She is having to be placed on almost all IV medications due to intolerance of the smallest amounts going into her g-tube.
If any of you still follow her blog and are also on Facebook, please message me and you can see more pictures of Annabel.
We are having some tough conversation concerning Annabel's plan of care, basically to keep Annabel as comfortable as possible. This isn't anything definitive yet but I will try to recap the last several months and get my daughter to help me post updated pictures of sweet Bella!