Friday, June 26, 2009

Long awaited meeting...

My computer is still out, so hopefully tomorrow I will have it back and add some pictures. Yes, today we went to Houston and Annabel was released from the doctor! (More about that in a bit).

Finally, today I met sweet Kenzie! This meeting on my part was long overdue. I had followed her sweet little boy Maddoxs' life and we have continued talking through Annabel's blog and her blog. Wow, this Kenzie and Dusty have some beautiful children. I know, I know we don't say boys are beautiful, but yes, Deacon you are sooooooooooooooooooooo handsome. He is all boy! He stole my heart from the second we entered their beautiful home. He had a thing for airplanes just like my oldest son, wants to be a pilot and it just brought back such sweet memories of my son who is now 28. They have taught him so well, he showed so much love and gentleness towards Annabel and his sweet sister Faith Claire. (This is my youngest daughters computer and it is messing up so will hopefully finish this post tomorrow). I just had to say how lucky and blessed I am that we finally connected. Thank you to Kenzie, Deacon and Faith for your hospitality!

Quickly, we also visited OOH LaLah (the giant cupcake place) and met Michele (Annabel's milk mommy). I will blog more about her pretty daughter Sophie tomorrow when my computer comes back. Does this mean that Sophie is Annabel's milk sister???

Also tomorrow more about this sweet doctor tomorrow and Annabel's release!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Computer Troubles...

I will be taking my computer in this morning. So if I don't respond to someones email or your post, please know I am not ignoring you. We are going to Houston tomorrow to hopefully be released from the surgery. I can't wait to really submerge her in the bath or our pool. Even though yesterday afternoon I took her out to the pool and let her put her feet in by the steps. Yes, it felt just like a warm bath tub. Sometimes it is almost too hot to swim in the water. Hoping and praying that you are all doing so well.
Annabel continues to do wonderful. This maybe the best she has been in about 3 years or more. I continue to thank everyone for their prayers and God that he has allowed her to do so well. I had a lady ask me about Annabel yesterday and how she is doing. I told her very well and that the surgery has made a big difference in her comfort. She asked does this mean it will change her life expectancy. That is what makes Trisomy 18 so frustrating is that the outcome doesn't change. But God has given us way more time than could ever have been expected and for this we continue to be grateful.