Thursday, December 16, 2010

A day out...

Annabel was dress today for a fun day out. She had her best day yet and for this we are grateful. She still gets tired but seems to string more good spells together than the bad spells. We are cancelling any appointments at this time and going to stay in and enjoy our time with family. I added some pictures from her wonderful day yesterday. Praying for everyone during this Merry Christmas season and hoping all is well in your home.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thank you, Katie...

Today is a better day for Annabel. So far today she hasn't been doing the drooling with the eyes rolled back and the moaning. She also slept all night and that is what we both needed. For this we are so grateful.
We went to neurology yesterday in Houston. She isn't sure what Annabel is doing over the last couple months is seizures but she want to check it out. The nurses have some concerns about some of her movements and so we needed to check it out. They want us to come back Friday but I think we are going to postpone and wait until after the holidays. The thought of driving to Houston for a day drains me. Yes, I realize it isn't about me, but I have so much to do. I really think Annabel needs a rest and just to hang out and enjoy her visitors. The twins should be returning home tomorrow and we are looking forward to more activity in the home. Of course, Derek, Tara and Tyler continue to come by daily and play with her.
She seems to be coming down with something respiratory, (another reason to hang low), so we are going see Dr. B today for this.
All in all, I think we are recovering. They remind me because we are home doesn't mean she is well. That really she should be in the hospital for the 21 days of antibiotic and healing. We are blessed with dedicated nursing that allows us to return home and with understanding doctors that allow this to happen.
As for Katie, a young girl who lives near us made her this precious, soft blanket. She follows Annabel and I was so touched when she ask her mom to give this to us last night. Thank you Katie, and I know it will keep Annabel cozy and warm. You have a beautiful heart young lady.
Again, thank you for continued prays for Annabel's recovery.