Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Girls and their beads....

Carly and Colette (my twin princesses) right about the sign

On Saturday, the twins were in a parade for the upcoming festival. They threw beads and candy. Annabel loved the bands and all the noise. We found her a shady spot in front of an old furniture story with not much traffic on the sidewalks. So I will share the twins on the float and then Annabel being the recipent of her beads.

Saturday and Sunday were fairly rough for her. She couldn't keep anything in her tummy which is hard with a UTI. So this time it is E-Coli and I can't tell you how sick I am of these infections. This is the fourth since her surgery in January. The great thing about the surgery is the curvature in her spine is better. Also that she can urinate on her own. The only problem is she leaves some residuals. Obviously the lack of pressure with the flow seems to be a problem. Sometimes I wonder do these ever really go away. She was better today and for this I am thankful. She is resting so good tonight.