Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day...

Not much news on the home front here but wanted to drop in and say Happy Valentine's Day to all. Yesterday was Annabel's Valentine party at school. When I picked her up, Mrs. Ann said that she had slept more than usual and didn't eat her lunch and also that her urine was cloudy. I could tell by the time we got home that she was not herself. Withing the hour she had fever 100.4 which is not really that high. But considering Annabel's temp is normally around 94-96 and that she normally doesn't even run temperatures even when sick. It has steadily hoovered between 101 and 102. She has slept or been very quiet since yesterday evening. I usually know what it is, that is what is so strange. It doesn't seem to be clear if it is urinary or respiratory. She doesn't have any mucous in her nose and she has a slight cough but not very often. When she does cough it does sound really bad but it is hard for her to get out. So the weather is cloudy and rainy so it is perfect for just laying around.
Some news out in blogland is that Magdalena is going to be a big sister. Julie and Noah have just announced that they are with child again. It was very important to them for Magdalena to be a big sister. God plan is perfect even though we may not understand it totally.
Also, Aimee and Carlton Weathers, who daughter Sophie died from Trisomy 13 are in China as we speak and have just met their precious new daughter named Lily. If you have a chance to follow their travel journey the site is:
For all that remember a few weeks ago I was so lucky to meet Brianna Botts and her family. They came to Houston and we spent two great days with each other. She is in the process of setting up a new blog and that address is:
So for now we will say have a great Valentine's Day evening...

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Therapy pics...

Our life is basically school and therapies. Everyday but Friday she has therapy after school so that is what our pictures are of this week. She is still struggling with tummy issues so she is not her happiest self but continues to work so hard. She stays focused and always trying to do her best.