Friday, November 14, 2008


WARNING... This post is concerning Poop so you may want to just skip this one! Well, one of my other concerns with Annabel has been her very long term use of laxatives. Specifically, Miralax what she is taking now and has been for about a year and half if not longer. If you read the warnings it says not for children and also not to be on it longer than several days. Also, Annabel has been taking the adult dosage of this medicine for over a year. I have also been told by other moms that this is basically antifreeze. I have tried natural remedies, tons of prune juices and fruits, Activia w/prune, cereal with prune and other over the counter remedies. It has been brought to my attention the benefits of breast milk and all it could possibly do for her. We began using breast milk about 8 days ago and was still adding the Miralax but slowly weening her off. The last two days she has had no Miralax with the breast milk and today she had two beautiful loose diapers. You can thank our nurse from stopping me taking pictures of this historic event. Annabel never has diarrhea or loose stools. I am praying that this is one of the benefits of breast milk.
UPDATE ON POTTY TRAINING: While on this potty subject since Annabel has been sick with all her oxygen needs we have been lax on her potty chair activities. This week I decided to put her back on and immediately she did both her business right away and then proceeded to clap so happily for herself. So we have been putting her on the potty and then cathing her. Just wanted to let you know she has not lost this skill and we are so proud of this.
MAJOR THANK YOUS....these are for Connie who strongly told me about the benefits of breast milk and the good things that can come from this. (Being an adoptive mom, I never really research this for my older 5 children) She also helped me join Milkshare and navigate this site. She also shared a couple of her contacts. I hope these mommy's aren't offended if we call them Annabel's new milk mommies! They are Lyanna, Michele and Tamara. What a gift that these mothers are offering so my precious Angel can have a healthier, more natural nourishment for her fragile body. Annabel continues to bring me more blessings than I could have ever imagined.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Some improvement....

I am so thankful for the improvement that she is experiencing. It has brought much relief to her and myself. The spells seem to have decreased during the day, which required less oxygen use. YIPPEE!!! She is eating better by spoon and also taking her milk better. She is still having these these episodes during the night. She is dropping down to 50 some nights which scares me. As I have posted before they can do NOTHING until this sleep study is done. We were told almost 2 weeks ago that it would take two months for the study to be done. Well as of today I have heard nothing! So I called the nurse in the sleep lab and was told that it was never ordered or sent. So she now has to give to a dr. in the sleep lab to review (which takes 5 days, approx.) and then the soonest an appt. can be made is March, 2009! It is so hard for me to believe that in this huge city of Houston at this supposedly wonderful children's medical center that this is the earliest we can get an appt. I just cried when I was told this and was more than frustrated. Anyway, I just need to pray harder and will. I truly am praising God for the good days and the happier times that she is having. Thank you for continuing to read about our precious Annabel.