Tuesday, September 23, 2008

We are home...

WE HAVE POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are so grateful to have our power back and be able to return home. It is a mess, but will work until its done. Just having all of Annabel's things close by makes things so much better. She is really struggling with her breathing as I am sure this is due from sleeping in hotels, other homes and now home to our house that already smells of damp musty air. We have an adjuster coming out in the next couple of days to assess the damage. From there we will decide the extent of the work and Annabel may not be able to be in the home while the work is being done. We have a few options and just trying to decide what is best.
Let me put this into perspective, this is nothing compared to the many people we know who have lost their homes. They have lost all of their belongings that are covered with sewage and mold, etc. When I feel a little inconvenienced all I have to do is think of them (won't mention them by name) and I see everything more clearly. We never know why things like this happen but will pray that God has some better plan that we just can't see at this time.
Things are fairly dull and boring around here so may not post until the kids are all back to school and life is back to normal, whatever that may be !!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Praying that Annabel will get to go home very soon...

We came back home on Friday after my parents had regained their power. Even though they are approx. 20 miles from our home, I thought worse case scenario we would just stay with them until power return. My son who live just a few blocks from us regained his power on Friday night late after curfew. We filled our Suburban with family and ventured out the few blocks praying not to get caught. If it were not for Annabel's health we would never have gotten out. We have been at my son's home since then. At least we have power, so I don't want to whine.
My prayer is that soon we will get our power. All of our neighbors, front, side and back have theirs since Friday night late. We do not understand what the issue is, but trust that the problems will be resolved. Annabel looks weak and tired. She thrives on being in her own room and her own home. She was able to spend time with her Loma and Lanny on Saturday. This is so good for Annabel. I am also praying this 3rd antibiotic is working. This weak look she has may also mean that the medicine is not clearing up the 2nd bacteria within 2 weeks. Will give it a couple days then may need to see pediatrician here at home. It is so comforting to know that we are HOME and he (pedi) is right around the corner.
Wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who read Annabel's blog. Everyone has such a busy life and we are sure if it were not for each one of you praying for her, her outcome could be so different.