Monday, April 20, 2009

A Big Surprise for Annabel...

We thought Sunday was just going to be a lazy day hanging out with myself and Annabel. Thank goodness for Annabel she had a break from her mommy! Ms. Ann, her teacher and Ms. Linda, her OT from school drove to Houston to see her. What a surprise! Annabel shared many of her smiles with them. Again,to Ms.Ann, Ms. Lisa and Ms. Alice for Annabel's balloons that are as big as her and to Ms. Linda for her 3 new books.

My prayer for now that this bug is under control is that we become stable with the CPAP machine. The goal was to go home with as few alarms as possible and with no oxygen added if possible. Yesterday when awake she did well. It is when she sleeps that her respiratory and her oxygen level decrease more than they want. I have had some of the best nurses, but last night she was just like a momma to Annabel and myself. They had to ultrasound her bladder every 3 hours due to her holding so much urine. So she was insistent that I sleep and she take care of the cathing every 3 hours. She also responded to the alarms and I didn't need to listen to make sure her levels were returning where they wanted them to be. When leaving this morning she mentioned she would be back tonight and should have Annabel as her patient. Thank you, Jesus.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad to see her happy face again, I know seeing her smile must make yoor day a little brighter.
Hugs and kisses

Mrs Redboots (Annabel Smyth) said...

Glad to see how pleased she is to see her teachers! She obviously loves them.

Yes, if Nurse is willing to do all that's wanted in the night, you go and sleep. If Annabel wants you, they'll rouse you; otherwise, look after yourself.

Laurie in Ca. said...

This is great Cathy. And what a sweet and wonderful nurse to give you the time you needed to get some rest. And how great were her teachers and therapists to come and visit her yesterday?!!:) The smiles on her face are priceless!! God is so good Cathy as you know already, but I have to say it anyway. Praying it is all upward from here and that the bug is gone. Love you friend.

Love and Hugs, Laurie

Penny said...

I believe God sends those special angels to us when he knows we need them. You must be spent with all the hopsital sounds noises and stress. Hope you got some much needed rest.

Hugs to Annabel, so glad she is doing better.

Anonymous said...

You need to check that nurse for angel wings! When you see Annabel surrounded by the people who love her so, you can see Jesus. The love in her face is His! What a beautiful message her life has brought to all of us!
Love, Lisa

The VW's said...

I'll second that...Thank You Jesus! I love to see Annabel smiling again and I'm so thankful for that wonderful nurse for you! Looks like she has some VERY special teachers as well! Hope your day goes well and Annabel's CPAP needs will decrease! Praying!

Katie said...

Annabel's sweet smile melts my heart! :-) Seeing these pictures have brightened my day!

Colleen said...


What wonderfull news that Annabel is doing so much better. I was nearly in tears last night when I read your post. Blessings to all of you,


Kathy said...

Cathy how your heart must soar when you see how throughly loved you precius Annabel is! Beautiful to see!

Of course she has her entire fan club out here in the blogosphere as well!

Your nurse sounds like a gem and she is right that you should rest while you have the opportunity. Praying she will be back tonight and assigned to Annabel again!

Prayers continue for our sweet Princess Annabel!


Aimee said...

What a sweet surprise!!! I know you were so happy to see a familiar face!!

You can tell she really loves them so much.

Sending you lots of hugs,