Thursday, June 19, 2008

Recap on Annabel's Week...

Annabel is definitely feeling better. I can always tell when we are getting back on some sort of routine. I guess that is why I always seem to be more comfortable in a routine because it means things are good. She is happy most of the time, looking uncomfortable very little. She is able to begin to practice eating different textures, i.e. refried beans and rice or Oreo cakesters. Hey, I didn't say we practice with healthy foods.
She was also very content sitting in her tomatoe chair watching her Signing Time videos or Backyardigan cartoons. She also enjoyed playing with her toys on her tray.
Today was what we refer to as "Therapy Thursday"! Annabel is sitting so well on her own. We do have to still be on guard sitting close by. She was able to sit alone on the platform while being swung. She was all smiles.
Then Rebecca, her speech therapist that works with her on feeding issues, applied the V-stem, to help with oral muscle stimulation. Her therapy consisted of eating a Twinkie! My kind of therapy.
Next up was Melanie, her O.T She began with swinging on the platform and some massage therapy. Annabel was in heaven! She then practice her handwriting, ha. After this it was downhill. She first slid sitting up then head first. The idea was that when Annabel reached the bottom of the slide she would use her arms to push and her legs to get her off. As you can tell, she would just rather lay and relax. No rest for the weary, it was on to the races. Annabel came in first! You can see Melanie brought up the rear.
Last up was Haley, her P.T. Annabel has to go easy on her, she is with child. They worked on strenghtening her arms on the ball and the sitting on the turtle. By the end she was not quite as smiley, but she was so cooperative! As you can tell by the end of the session it was LIGHTS OUT! This happened before hitting the freeway.

Monday, June 16, 2008

On The Mend...

Annabel is on the mend. Everyones thoughts and prayers are so appreciated! THANK YOU! Each day she has had improvement. Each day I am grateful and so thankful! Her sleep patterns are getting better, she is eating more and we are using less medicine. The best news is we have many, many more smiles. I do know that the people who read the blog and have experienced Trisomy 18 will understand that just a simple cold can become so much more with these babies. Others who may not have encountered the special needs children that are so fragile may not understand why we ask for prayers for something that seems so simple, like a cold that everyone gets.
Ok, from the last post there was a comment that wanted to know why Annabel was darker than the rest of the family. I will answer that here, but if anyone else wants to ask more personal questions, I would prefer you to email me. The address is on the side bar of the blog. I do appreciate your openness and curiosity.
Some babies are born UNDER their mother's heart, and some babies are born IN their mother's heart. Annabel was born IN my heart and I thank God everyday for His most precious gift of total perfection!