Saturday, May 31, 2008

Jacob gets his wings...

I just recieved news that Precious Jacob Ryan Fahmer has been given his wings and Heaven is rejoicing. I hope it is not my lack of faith, but I am so broken hearted. No, I did not personally know this lil man, but we have walked with his family daily through his blog. He was such a fighter and his family believed in his purpose so much. They know he is in a great place, but there will be times how their heart and arms will ache. Please pray for this special family. Their lives have been so consumed with his love and care for 138 days that this lil man of 6lbs. 5oz. will leave a huge hole in their hearts. I am thankful to Jesus for his life and all the people who came to know him and his purpose on Earth.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Chuck E. Cheese...

Annabel's therapy Thursday turned into a field trip at Chuck E. Cheese. Her class was taking a field trip and two of her therapist had to cancel so field trip it was. I think she had lots of fun. She rode some rides including a merry-go-round!
Tara also showed up and took her through some of the activities. That was good since I became sick on the merry-go-round. I am so blessed to have Annabel in this class at school. Mrs. Anne is the most wonderful person I can imagine. I trust Annabel totally to be in her care. She also has two aides Mrs. Alice and Mrs. Lisa. The whole team is tireless in their care of these children. They are the most joyful group and upon seeing them Annabel breaks into a huge smile. Each time I enter the room at school she is smiling and full of Joy!!! I am hoping for many more years to come in this classroom.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Weekend at the Beach House

Annabel's week didn't start off so good due to an intestinal virus, but by Saturday she was well enough to take a family trip to the beach. On Saturday morning I had a few errands to run so Annabel got to spend some time with her favorite Loma. She has not been able to spend time with her since Annabel was last in the hospital, but she sure did wonder where Lanny was. During the day on Saturday we took a ride down the beach in the Jeep. The weather was a little windy during the day for the golf cart, but by evening it was perfect. Annabel was unsure of how to react to the wind blowing in her face on the golf cart. Today started out somewhat normal for an Annabel weekend. She woke up and watched cartoons for a little while. Who needs the beach when her big sister Tara can bring the experience to the beach house! Annabel had her own setup with her swimming pool and umbrella to keep it cool. Tara also bought her a new swimsuit to help her from getting too much sun. You can check out the photos of the whole experience!!! Can you believe how long her eyelashes are?!? Once she got comfortable in the pool she sure did enjoy playing with the toys and kicking her legs. It's hard to believe that as hard and fast as she kicks she isn't out running a marathon or chasing after Forest Gump. Her largest feat this weekend was eating pound cake off of a fork. Annabel does not like to be fed off of anything except her small purple spoon due to her oral aversion. Also, to take actual small bite of cake is very exciting to see. Hopefully she will continue to progress with her eating and one day be able to eat table food and not the baby jars that she has been on. We look forward to a good week of school and therapy. Hopefully this week she will get backon her routine schedule. Thanks everyone!!