Tuesday, June 24, 2008

They just adore me...

As you can tell from her big brother, they just adore her. Annabel has two big brothers and a big sister who live in their own home, but they can't stay away. She has two sisters that live at home, and love to love on her also.
Annabel is doing o.k. It is three weeks that we have been fighting a respiratory infection. Each week it seems to be improving, the it gets worse. This past Friday our nurse said her breathing just didn't sound good. I made an appt. with our pediatrician and he said he heard more wheezing. Even though her meds in her breathing machine are steroids, he gave her an oral steroid and said we would see a huge difference by Sunday. We saw improvement each day. She is back to her happy self and had been sleeping well. She finished the steroid yesterday and last night about midnight she began to struggle again. She would choke and then have trouble with her breathing. After two treatments by 7:30 a.m.she was sleeping much better.
We have had a lot of changes in our weather and I am hoping this is the culprit.
On a more positive note, she has not had a UTI for a few weeks now. Normally, these two can go hand in hand. After cathing Annabel, we insert a gentimycin wash into her bladder twice daily. It seems this is keeping her infection at bay. I want to thank God for all the good days he is giving to her. As you can see by the picture she is one HAPPY girl. Again, thank you for your prayers and concerns for Annabel.