Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day....

I want to wish my Mom a Happy Mother's Day. I was able to go to church with her and out to lunch. I am very blessed that my mother is still here on Earth. I was also able to spend time with all of my children except the twins. They have exams tomorrow and Tuesday and I didn't want them on the roads any more than need be. They will be home for the summer. They thought of me and had a delivery arrive while I was away at church. Thank you to all my other who came and spend the evening and had dinner! Oops, I forgot that Derek, my oldest joined me at church with my mom and had lunch. He then went to spend it with Linzy and his future in-laws. I will be gaining a daughter very soon.

I cannot celebrate this day without thanking all of the mom's who made motherhood possible for me. I am blessed so many times over and I don't only pray or think about you on this day. So to Tammy, Denise, Karen, Melissa (twins), and Amanda each and everyday and especially this day I love you and I thank you more than words can express. You trusted me with the most precious gift of life, you gave me a huge part of your heart and our lives will be link forever. You created some of the most beautiful children on this Earth and God put us together.

To all the mothers that this blog comes in contact with, Happy Mother's Day! I pray especially for those whose babies (children) are in Heaven and you are temporarily separated.

The pictures are from Friday when Annabel had to wear her school spirit t-shirt. They should wear this most Fridays but I always forget. (ok, really it is all about the clothes, ya know). So I told the nurse she needed to wear who spirit t-shirt but I was frustrated with this because she just didn't look that girlie in her spirit t-shirt. So the nurse proceeds to get her bath and ready for school and when she brought her out to me, this is what I found! Excuse Bellas for sleeping through it but she tires easily. This is also her in her new favorite chair. It is a childs recliner and the perfect fit. It sits in our living room and she can watch TV or interact with anyone who is her audience.