Sunday, October 14, 2012

We will miss you Sarah....

I wish I would have know when you called in sick on Friday that it would be the last time we would talk.
Since they called us yesterday to say you had been killed, I keep wishing I would have told you how much I appreciate your work with Annabel.
As I got to know you over the last few months, I could tell you had that mothers love. You talked with such love for the son you lost in 2010 and the love for your oldest. You were very proud of your boys. What great accomplishments, both Eagle Scouts, your son in Heaven appointed to Westpoint!!! Of course their accomplishments were many and I know you couldn't have been prouder. Your grief, as we spoke of the loss of your son so recent is the only peace I am findi
ng in your sudden passing. I can only imagine your smile and your son's smile as you meet him again face to face.
God chose a good one when he called you home, but I struggle with the violence that brings you home. My prayers is that our Heavenly Fathers grasps was sudden and that you only felt his peace and comfort.
Some of the things I will miss the most is your soft, gentle voice. I loved hearing you sing to Annabel during her morning bath as you got her ready. I loved the excitement when you downloaded Pandora Radio on your cell phone so you could play Annabel's favorites anytime she wanted... I loved how if I mentioned anything medical associated with Annabel's care you immediately googled it and found videos and information. I loved as each day passed and you became more familiar with Annabel's normal or no so normal you were so proud. I even loved how when Annabel was sick you were so genuinely concerned. I loved so much how proud of her accomplishment you were in her therapies. Probably the highlight was when you came in the back door after school and the smile on your face telling me what a great day Annabel had. You told me details that allowed me to almost see her task, her interactions. I keep going back to read my text about the reports you gave me each day via our cell phones. The little pictures you sent to me from her day at school. Oh, let me not forget your first experience with her blowout in her diapers. You just laughed and kept showing back up....
Sarah, I realize this isn't about me or Annabel that will miss you, but I am praying constantly for your family and your son who is left to deal with another tragedy in such a short period of time.
Thank you Sarah for giving of yourself. You were a servant and you served well.
Rest and feel the peace as you hold your son in your arms in your Heavenly home.  

Cathy and Annabel