Saturday, September 17, 2011

I couldn't ask for more today....

Today was an incredible day. They took Annabel off the muscular paralytic drug. Yes, off! She is doing well and my prayer is that she continues throughout this night. They have also decreased one of her blood pressure drugs and she is doing ok.she actually can open her eyes and has looked at us at times. She doesn't seem near as agitated as I had expected.
They have been able to adjust some numbers on the oxygen 40%, the peep the want at 0, we began at 12 and now down to 9.0. Keep in mind she was on vent at 100% and they recently adjusted to 40%. so much to be thankful for tonight. Prayers that she will not fight the night. Her fevers are better but they just showed me that her white count is continuing to rise. They bare still not changing her status and saying critically ill. I wish I could thank each and everyone of you for prayers. Please know that I am touched. As much as I wanted to scream at God for hope and improvement, now I want to shout at the top of my lungs for all the hope he has given.
We had a day full of visitors today. My cousins, Leslie,Rodney, and Ashton came to visit after Ashton's eye surgery and Ashton was adamant about seeing Annabel today. We all shared a feast of BBQ together that Michelle, Brian Paul, Brennen, and Carleen provided. A special Thanks to my Sister and my Mom for being with Annabel in the room so I could spend time with everyone. Then everyone took times to see Annabel. I also had three special friends visit today who each have babies in Heaven. Actually when Kim (Mary Grace's mom), and Kenzie (Maddox mom) went in to see Annabel as they were praying she opened her eyes...
Then Michelle,Annabels milk mommy and Vivians Mom( who is also in Heaven), also came to visit and spend time with Annabel today. Tyler and his Superior Officers came with a message that his Company is keeping Annabel in their prayers.

New plan...

They made rounds and now the plan is to discontinue the muscular paralytic drug. I very well see my sweet Angels eyes open today. I may get a squeeze from her precious little swollen hands. I want to scream thank you for prayers. I just need a little glimpse of life in her body. Also they will continue to decrease blood pressure meds and she if she tolerates this plan. Praises and thanksgiving to this weekend attending doctor...prayers that she will be able to handle these changes...let's GI sweet Annabel, time to man up or well I mean girlie up! Thanks to everyone for unending prayers. She is on so many prayers chains, being prayed for at church breakfast. Thank you for letting Annabel touch your lives.....

Status Unchanged...

This is the news that we received today. That she is still very critically ill. I found today to be a very hard day. I miss her and want to know that she know I am here with her. The only good news is she had good urine output due to lasix drip. They are now discontinuing drip to see what now. It all has to do with her blood pressure if she can mobilize all these fluids leaking into her body.
We continue to be amazed at the prayers and well wishes being sent and said for Annabel.I do know He can heal sweet Annabels body. This is truly what I am begging, bartering and crying to God for. I know I need to save my energy because He already knows His plan. That thought does bring me comfort.well I will update tomorrow after doctor makes rounds. There are several different groups that round so it is usually later in day.

Friday, September 16, 2011

I will attempt to update...

Not sure if this will make sense but I will try...Annabel was admitted with a central line infection of gram neg rods and line had to be pulled on Monday. When she returned from recovery the nurse on floor noticed a high heart rate immediately and then heard a gallup but different rhythms. So then doctors were coming from everywhere. Assessment was done quickly and she was moved to PICU. She was in septic shock and respiratory failure. We were told her lungs were very sick. Tried several things then she was intubated and placed on vent. Her lungs just got worse and the fever the last two days have never came below 102.4 until today. Tonight they are going back up but they didn't stay up all day. Another positive was that she was voiding better today. Not enough but better. yea! Her blood pressures have been too low and she needed more help but today they could decrease the help a bit and her pressures have been a little better, not great but a little bit better. yippee! She is going longer periods of time without needing to be bagged, thank you Jesus!

These terms I use are not from me but from what the doctors describe to us. Like she is in fluid overload. Today the fluid began to pool in both the lower lobes of her lungs. Actually they expected this so I was not too discouraged. When they showed me the X-rays this morning
Instead of this whiteout from yesterday, I could see through parts in the upper right lung. To me I thought it looked better they say unchanged overall, I guess because of the fluids.

This afternoon late Infectious disease came in for consult concerning her gut. The entire top half of gut is filled with very distended bowel loops. This may require surgery to remove. Annabel is already considered to have dismotility, pseudo-obstruction, neurogenic bowel, and now they are saying she is short gut. I said nonshe just had a resection of her bowel and they looked on records and said she is short gut to the removing of part of her gut. So basically we are praying no surgery will need to be done on the distended loop of bowel. At this point due to the c-diff finding and continued fevers they say she has severe colitis.

THis is probably rambling, misselled, poor punctuations or some parts maybe misunderstood. It is always so much to take in.

I have read each comment and wish I could respond to each one. I just can't right now. If you call me on the room phone and I cut you off due to doctor coming in then forget to call you back please forgive me. If you text me and I don't respond I may have forgotten but I do read my text. I am also reading my emails and have a hard time returning them. One thing is for certain that I find so much comfort in know that so many people are praying for her. Thank you for supporting us with your comments, thoughts and prayers

Thursday, September 15, 2011


They are going to try to begin slimming her down. Her pressures are a little higher and she hopefully will begin getting some fluid out. I will update more soon...


So sorry for the lack of updates. I so want to say something positive. I am waiting for drs to round so we can have updated info. We were told again yesterday to bring family in and so we did. I wish I could personally thank each one of you for prayers...but if I can beg you to keep them coming.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Thank you for prayers...keep them coming,

We know Annabel is being covered in prayer and it brings us much peace. I was raised Catholic and my prayer life basically consisted vof Hail Mary's and Our Fathers and the Glory Be! I love to hear my friends that pray more in conversational prayer. I wish I worried less and prayed much more.

I don't really have much positive to report.She is on the vent. They did have to bag her twice last night but not since midnight. They are having to give Mede to keep blood presides up and her oxygen levels low. Will hope for hopeful news on rounds.
Thank you for continued prayers!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Intubating at this time...

Our sweetie is tiring out. She has worked so hard last night and today to try doing it her way. She was on bi-pap with 15 liter of oxygen and tried very hard. She is definitely fighting a gram-negative rod bacteria, c-diff and now pnemomia. She is on 5 big antibiotics and I am hoping that with the rest that the ventilator will provide she can begin to respond. Thank you for ALL and EVERYONE who have sent messages or call or Connie and beautiful kids bring me a great dinner. Sorry this is short but am waiting to go back in.

Long night...

Quick update....Annabel is a very sick little girl as the doctor put it. She was moved to ICU soon after surgery to remove the line. At midnight she began to struggle more and the doctor said her little body was tired frm fighting the infection. He also suggested we call the family as they were aware everyone was basically 2hours away. They arrived around 2a.m. She has still not been intubated. This is being discussed and we are waiting for update from doctors. Annabel has never woke since surgery and she is not sedated in any way. Prayers are very much appreciated.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Annabel is sick...

Annabel was transferred to Texas Children's in the early hoursoAsunday morning. They know she has gram negative rods growing in her line.Fevers above 105 this morning and they feel they need to pull line quickly. I just signed paper for surgery today. She will also have to have blood transfusion. Will update as soon as possible. She is also experiencing prolonged seizure probably due to fevers and pain. Prayers re appreciated.