Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mold, mold go away...

Come again another day! That is what preoccupies my mind at this point. As far as Annabel, she is on her fourth antibiotic within 4 weeks. We do know right before the storm she had a UTI, then when we evacuated she continue to get sick and with a visit to the ER found she had another. Of course, now we have a respiratory infection. She is struggling with her mucous and getting that up and out. Lots of gagging and retching. She has happy periods but much of the time looks tired. Watery eyes, runny nose and not much energy. None of the meds that had dried her up before, or even the antibiotics are working. Breathing treatment that normally make things better are doing nothing. We did have much water in our home due to roof damage and when I am out for a while, I can really smell when I come home. We had our visit from our nursing supervisor today and she commented (nicely) that she could smell the water, musty smell. We thought our adjuster would be out this past Saturday, but he ended up at my husbands office saying that is what he would look at. So with all that, myself and the girls will be moving in the next week or so. Maybe two weeks hopefully at the longest. It is a new home and just around the corner but had no damage. It will be nice and clean for Annabel. If we were to stay here all the construction would be too hard on her also.
I am sorry for the delay in posting but there is not much to be said. I will say again that we were very blessed concerning the storm. Each day we are reminded of the people we know who have no home at all! The pictures each day are on the news, church groups volunteering, our childrens clubs from school are donating their time to help clean up the badly hit areas, food banks are asking for donations. It is so good to see everyone come together and help out their neighboring towns.
On Sunday, I was so blessed to have Connie and her family watch Annabel. It allowed us the day to drive to the beach to actually see the damage up close. We had seen aerial views, but it was nothing like being on the ground. Before we even reach the highway that the beach runs along, the smell made its way to us. You have to go between a check point to show ownership and your identification of who all is in the car. This is good as it keeps the looters and the people just wanting to look out for a time. They only allowed traffic in during certain times and then you could only return after 2 in the afternoon until 4 p.m. Everyone out by 4:00 p.m. then you could return the next day if you needed to salvage more. One day was enough for us. There was nothing left. No pictures, pieces of furniture, dishes or anything to bring home. I will post a picture of the slab and the one piling left with our address numbers on it. The roads if still there were covered with much sand. We had two golf carts and we found one across the highway and in a body of water upside down. We could see pieces of our roof (shingles were blue) and the siding was a choc. brown that were all over. I think the saddest part of all this is that the cars along the sides of the highway that you just assume were residents trying to leave too late. The cars look as if they were washed off of the highway and ended up in a pasture with sand piled up around them. They have not released the death toll from the beach as we are told there are still hundreds unaccounted for. It was good to go see what happened to our home, but it was sad to see the devastating loss others suffered who lived there year round.
This post is not very uplifting but maybe that is why I haven't made a post. My prayer is that Annabel will get back to her happy self very soon and her energy level will pick up. She is doing so well in her therapy, sitting for such long periods of time, getting on all fours, and even doing some standing. When she is well, she is a hard worker and love to accomplish new things.
We do have a couple personal things going on within our home so if you could just pray for these things to resolve or settle in the best ways possible. Thank you so much for caring and checking in on Annabel.