Sunday, September 6, 2009

Much goings on...

This week will be a fairly busy week and not what I would consider boring. You all know how I cherish my boring times.

Tyler, my 21yrs. old son will be leaving this week. We thought he would be leaving on Thursday and I tried to make all of our plans around this. I wanted to be here if he needed me for anything and also to try to spend anytime possible with him. Tonight we are going over to my parents for some roast,rice and gravy, fried okra, green bean cassarole, deviled eggs, corn and homemade chocolate pie. Yes, after we are done we will all feel like we do after eating a holiday dinner. Everyone will be there tonight except Tara, who went out of town for the holiday weekend.

Tomorrow we will travel to Houston to the Astro game. The soldiers are being honored in a short ceremony prior to the beginning of the game. Annabel will not be attending due to her not feeling so great and the noise level maybe too much.

Annabel has an appointment on Thursday for her ECHOcardiogram. Her pulmonary doctor asked that this be moved up instead of our scheduled time in mid-October. She will them need to wear a halter monitor for the next 24 hours. Our plans are to stay at Michele's (Annabel's milk mommy) Thursday evening and enjoy their beautiful home and wonderful company.

All this is subject to change if I can get the ECHO moved up due to needing to travel to Florida for Brianna's memorial service. When I looked Friday evening the flights were high but by the next day (withing the 7 day period) they had raise 200.00 per person. Yuck!

Annabel's sleep study showed that she needed to be on oxygen all the time she sleeps. There is no answer as to what we will do long term about the bi-pap. She just doesn't tolerate this well with all her secretions. She does well with her levels on oxygen, but last night we did have to raise the oxygen slightly. If I remove her during the nights her levels decrease into the 60's and 70's. She had done so well since the surgery. She is not having the spells during the day only at night, so that is good. She has developed a respiratory/cold so she really doesn't like the canula being placed in her nose. She is so good that if I tell her no-no, she just lays there looking at me pleading, please remove this from my face.

Our hope is that Annabel and I will travel to be with the Botts for their sweet Brianna's memorial service. Please keep this dear family in your prayers. I can't imagine how emotional this week will be leading up to the service.