Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Great therapy, new G-button, and true sacrifices...

Annabel continues to work so hard in her therapy (PT). Meg, her therapist is very pleased with Annabel's progress. Annabel goes for one hour three times weekly. She seems to remember what was done at the session prior so we don't have to repeat. Her muscles in her legs are stronger and her core/trunk seems to really be stronger.
Only just a couple weeks ago when Med placed Annabel in the walker each time she tried to move her leg forward for her, she would collapse, so therefore Meg used immobilizers on her legs. She was walking good distances with this. But this week Annabel hasn't needed the immobilizers and seems to be giving us help with picking one leg and moving it forward with much less help and no collapsing. She also walked with no walker and no immobilizers on her legs yesterday.
Her therapist also began working with Annabel in this 3 sides cage type contraption (Universal Exercise Unit) and she uses bungee cords strapped to a belt in her lower hip area. It frees her therapist hand up to work with Annabel and has Annabel controlling her trunk in an upright position. Just a couple weeks ago Annabel could not stand on one leg and in these pictures from yesterday she can now stand on one foot for a good period of time. She has also learned to squat down and then stand herself back up. Again, she is well and healthy and when this happens Annabel is a sponge that soaks up everything she is taught. She is such a hard worker and doesn't complain. Meg says this is very tiring on a child with such low muscle tone. I am so proud of this baby girl for her drive to improve.

Today Annabel had a small procedure in the day surgery at our local hospital. My friend Connie daughter Mallorie had hers replaced last week when she was hospitalized for a respiratory infection. She loves it and I went for a consult yesterday and Dr. H scheduled it for this morning. It is a combination of a mic-key button and Annabel's type called a Bard button. Since Annabel has received her Bard button it is very hard not to have spillage. Like the Mic-key that has a locking button, Annabel's type of button just comes out with little movement or if we accidentally hit it, the milk spills. It was suppose to be a simple procedure, but for some reason Annabel had more bleeding and seepage of something, not sure what. The doctor looks up at the nurse right after placing the new button and said to the nurse "What is all that?" I literally had to kneel on the floor trying not to faint. I have worked for oral surgeon and seen plenty of blood. This was on my baby and hearing the Dr. say what is all this (bloody mixture everywhere) made me weak. She did ok in the afternoon but tonight is very sore and uncomfortable. I am praying that in the morning she will be her happy self. Thank you for visiting and wish each one of you a Happy Holiday Season!


I was reminded by a sweet visitor on Annabel's blog named Penny ( who made a thought provoking post on her site and asked a great question for this time of the year. The question she closed with is this "Who do you know that has made a sacrifice???" Christmas always conjures up memories of children for me. I guess it all began with the birth of Christ, the baby in the manger! For whatever reason God chose for me not to be able to give birth. But He did choose to bring five wonderful ladies into my life. Tammy, Denise, Karen, Melissa, and Amanda made HUGE sacrifices for me to become the mother of my six beautiful children. No, I didn't know years ago going through fertility treatment and never experiencing a pregnancy that He had far greater plans for me. I will again say thank you for these selfless women who made the hugest sacrifice and these sacrifices continue to bless me each year!