Friday, August 12, 2011

Already home...

We returned home last night. She is still needing one more test but it couldn't be done until early Monday morning. So I asked the doctors and they said they understood that going home made more sense as long as I returned to have the scan done.

Annabel seems to be possibly aspirating on her secretions. It has only happened twice in the last 2 months but both times she has become very congested, wheezing with fever. First time we just treated her from home with IV antibiotics and good nursing. This time since we had an appointment and told him of the fevers he admitted. As of yesterday all cultures had come back negative for blood, stool, urine, and strep...
She was feeling better and that is when it is hard to care for her in a hospital. I never mind being there is she is really sick. She still runs low grade fevers and is very congested. We are giving her only 1 IV antibiotic, breathing treatments, here at home. Her need for oxygen when she sleeps is higher and even on a full two liters she desats. I am sure it is coming from the congestion...

Thank you to all for prayers and well-wishes for Annabel~ 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cultures neg so far..

Yesterday Annabel was admitted here in Houston. When you have a central line and a temp they admit and treat as if you have a blood infection until you get 48 hours of no growth. Her temps are better today. She still has respiratory issues, some vomitting of her feeds and many dirty diapers. Annabel is on 3 very big antibiotics and this could be adding already to a very unstable GI system. So far cultures are growing nothing...that is great. I will update when more is known. Thank you for the support with calls, emails, text and Facebook.
This is done from my iPad so I don't know how to post a picture.