Thursday, August 21, 2008

Potty Update....

I promise after this post, there will be NO MORE about potty issues. Annabel has continued to have success with her potty time. Within about a minute of placing her on her potty she begins to have success. She now claps for herself and is so proud. Maybe we overdue things just a bit around here, but little steps are a huge accomplishment!! I am sure we will have bumps in the road as with any child, but at this point with Annabel being non-verbal and non-ambulatory, I will just need to be diligent about getting her there. Just added a few more pics (these with clothes) of her on her new pink (of course) potty. It's amazing how they say a child with T18 has a minimal chance of doing "normal" activities, but here she is going strong at her own pace. It makes me step back and think to never say never when life has so many possibilities no matter what the diagnosis or disorder. God has put each one of us on earth for a reason so there is nothing wrong with enjoying the little things that each day brings. Hope that my sharing about Annabel's achievements helps everyone else through their struggles.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

To do list....buying a potty chair????

WARNING: Fairly graphic post. I hope the details aren't too much, but I am soooo excited!

Tonight was a huge night in our home. I have always dreaded potty training with my 5 other children. I don't think I was very good at this. I guess since I have been told that this would not be something Annabel would accomplish, I have become very lax at even the thought. Really, honestly probably was relieved that I would not have to take on this challenge with another child. Lately, I have been noticing that when I lay Annabel down to cath her and say lets tee-tee, she sometimes begins doing it. Now Annabel has problems in this area. She has much trouble releasing the urine. She strains very much just to release about 1/4 of her output. The other 3/4 comes through cathing her. Also, a few time when I knew she needed to have a BM, I would encourage her and help rub her tummy and help her with her legs with pushing.
On a few occasions lately, she would have success. After dinner this evening I laid her down to cath her and thought why don't I sit her on the potty and see what happens. Very quickly after placing her there (pictures to follow) I could hear her faint dribble of urine. She was so proud and knew she was doing good. Soon after this came the BM.
I am so sorry to be so graphic out in the blog world. Not only were we told our babies with T18 would not survive, but that they would not accomplish much. Annabel is turning 3 1/2 years old and she is not so far behind in some areas. Yes this is only one time. I may end up the one being trained or it may be hit or miss, but she still understood and had intention to do this.
This little one continues to amaze us each day. I would love one day to never have to cath her again, for her sake mostly. I don't know if this will ever happen, but tomorrows to do list is a potty chair, of course!
Just when our days sometime get too much or become the same old thing day after day, God show his goodness and brings good things to give us hope. To some this maybe such little hope but to us it is HUGE! Thank you, Jesus!

Monday, August 18, 2008


I would like to start by asking for prayers for Leah and Ryan who are expecting their precious little boy this Friday. His name is Christian Dale Paige. He has Trisomy 18. So we need to desperately cover this little one in prayer. God is so good and if it be His will that Leah and Ryan be able to spend many days (too many to count)with Christian. I have added his name to the sidebar of Annabel's site.
In advance, thank you for your prayers for all of God's children.
Annabel seems to be doing better with her feeds. We cut back the amount of her baby food that is spoon fed to her and decrease the pediasure down to just two feeds a day, 4 oz. cranberry juice and less water. She seems to be more comfortable, with less gagging and no more spitting or vomitting. YIPPEE! Also, her nights are better. Saturday night she slept a total of 12 hours with no waking up. We opted for night church since she was sleeping so well. Thank you to all who offered their advice and I did make sure she was sitting up and not laying her down too early. I can't thank you enough for your support and all of you who offer words of encouragment and prayers. Sometimes I have to sit here and remember that I haven't even met all of you and I feel like I know all of you so well. I am so grateful for all of my friends and thank God for you each and every day.