Thursday, September 24, 2009

A blessed mom...

I am sure in my earlier life if someone would have asked me if I would think I was blessed by having a special needs child, it would have been "NO!" I know that I have been blessed five times over with my wonderful children. That I do know! I have said many times over that Annabel has blessed my life in ways I couldn't have imagined. Anyone who is raising or has raised a special needs child will know that the day to day can be very hard. I count my blessings everyday that Annabel has a place to go. Her school is a wonderful, happy and safe environment that she is able to spend her day getting therapy, learning and BEING SO LOVED! Her teacher Ms. Ann, and the two aides Ms. Lisa and Ms. Alice are the most amazing people I know. Each and every day they do this over and over again. These people deserve a major recognition for their dedication to these children. Regina Howell Elementary School is this amazing safe haven that Annabel gets to retreat to each day and interact with children and adults of all ages. This year our school has been demolished to make room for a brand new school. Until the remodeling is complete, we are being housed in portable buildings. I have to say I was not looking forward to this school year because of the inconvience with a little farther drive, portable buildings, outside walkways, etc. I couldn't have been more wrong! They have taken and made this new site a very welcoming and safe area for our children. There is a very sweet lady in charge, Mrs. Rose Hardy the principal, who welcomes all with her gentle smile. She runs a tight ship and takes care of business. She has always made me feel like Annabel is the only child on campus, what mother wouldn't like this! It is wonderful to know that Annabel has visitors throughout the week that brighten up her day as well. I hear great stories when I pick Annabel up about her laughing and clapping when Mrs. Hardy sees her in the hall or how others have come to rock her on their breaks.

There is a program here called Parental Partners Awards Program where 27 principals nominate a parent from each of their schools to be honored. I was blessed to be one of the 27 parents honored today. What I really want to say is that IT IS MY HONOR to have been blessed to be Annabel's mother, and to have been lucky enough for my child to attend this wonderful school with the sweet teacher to love on my child each and every day. When Annabel was about to turn three and no longer be able to receive therapy from ECI, I was terrified of what to do next. After asking around for weeks to make the best choice possible for Annabel's next step, Regina Howell was the answer. Everyone explained how caring Mrs. Hardy and her staff were and so I went to visit. Ms. Ann eased my troubles and fell in love with Annabel at first site. From then on I knew that this was the best school for Annabel to attend. I appreciate all the hard work and effort that everyone puts in each day to help Annabel learn and grow into the person that she is today!!