Monday, July 15, 2013

Surgery done and discharged...

 All went very well with Annabel's surgery today. She had a supra pubic catheter placed, dilation and a cystoscope done.
She came through the anesthesia as well as every with only a little nausea. We were discharged quickly and home in 2 hours.

But I am thanking God for my wonderful night nurse tonight. She has been in so much pain since about 5:00 p.m. She has pain spell with heart rates staying over 200 for about 30 minutes. She is resting in between. I am fairly sure it is hurting her to urinate so therefore she is trying so hard not to. We can't use the catheter yet, so we are having to let her go on her own.She was dilated as big as possible and it was bloody and he want to urine to wash all the blood out, so we much just endure the pain for hopefully on about 12 more hours.

This picture is here to the right of Tara (Annabel's sister) and Annabel watching cartoon prior to going into surgery. I am so thankful that Tara has moved back home, only one more semester of Law School! We had to leave this morning at 4 a.m. and it was nice to have Tara drive us and enjoy our talks.
She loves her sister and her sister loves her!

I am grateful for answered prayers that her surgery was uneventful and we were discharged the same day.
I am also grateful and thankful to Tara for the help and being with us today.