Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ethenol locks

Does anyone have any experiences with ethenol locks place in the central lines? If you do please email me or write a comment. I was wondering about protocol when using the ethenol locks, changing the injection hubs, flushing, etc. Thank you!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Weekend with our girls....

The pictures above are of this past "Parents Weekend" at A&M. I can't tell you how hard it is to arrange to go away for two days. But with great nursing and Tara, my oldest daughter it all worked out. I regret that I haven't been able to spend as much time visiting them their first year away at college, (I am sure they are ok with mommy not hanging around with them, though) but I was able to go this weekend and stay the entire time. They love A&M so much and we can see the pride and spirit that they have been immersed in this freshman year. They want to show us the resturants they love, attend the sporting events that are happening and of course a tour of their apartments for next year. Mel and I were talking on the way to College Station that it is so hard to believe that their freshman year is almost over. They will be coming home in just a little over two weeks to begin taking classes at Lamar to get some of their classes over with. It will be good to have the house more active for the coming summer.

The wedding for Derek and Linzy is drawing closer. They will be married the middle of June. We will be entering a new phase of our lives with a daughter-in-law. Sweet Linzy comes from a small family that is probably fairly calm into our big, crazy family.

The picture above is of Annabel and her friend Johnny. Since Annabel hasn't been well she has not been attending PT. Yesterday was her first day back and Johnny appointment followed right after hers. She knew she knew this cute boy,you could just see it. She has been harder to make smile and to get those belly laughs out of her, but within minutes Johnny had Annabel laughing out loud. I wish I would have had my video camera with us.

As far as her health she is ok. I think we have see some good come from the transfusion, so I am grateful for this. I am also, grateful that she has been home from the hospital for almost a week. She hasn't been on antibiotics for almost a week. Her fevers still run low grade from like low 99's to a little bit over 100. She get tired easily and is uncomfortable somewhere but hard to pinpoint exactly where. She is growing so fast. Just in March she was down to 28lbs. and looked so small and now she is over 33 lbs. I am trying to stay calm about all the weight because she becomes so heavy due to the bulking up from the TPN.

Wishing everyone a very Blessed Easter Season!