Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Soldier, Homecoming Week and Nanny K...

Sunday we traveled to Houston to celebrate with smile and tears the final sendoff of Tyler's unit. This was the largest number of soldiers from his company being deployed since WWII. It was held at Minute Maid park home of the Houston Astros. There was to be a parade outside of the stadium and then process in to the stadium. It rained so much of the day but the soldiers still marched. We are so proud of Tyler and of course all the soldiers who do their job so we can live in the land of the free. Tyler will still be stateside until early December. I think that is probably when I will totally fall apart. I am sad when he leaves but knowing he is still in the US bring comfort. Tyler has always wanted to be a soldier and loves to wear the uniform. I can't say enough how proud we are of this sacrifice he will be making for all of us here! Love you and will miss you more than you will know. Stay safe and healthy. We will be praying for you constantly and remember He will never leave you.
In the second to last picture Tyler was able to run/walk the bases with Annabel. They allowed the soldiers to do this with their family/children. He carried her along the base path and at each base he let her touch her feet down and stand momentarily. This is the picture where he let her down on 3rd base. Thank you, son for loving your sister with all your heart!
The last picture is of Tyler and his Aunt Lira. Thank you to his meemaw and pawpaw, aunt Valeria and Robert for driving to Houston in the pouring rain. I know he was happy you all were there.

It has been a hectic week for Carly and Colette. Each day was something different at school. The first picture was Celebrity Day. The twins and 3 of their friends dressed as the spice girls. They were so funny. They all spent the night here so they could get ready and go to school together. We got many laughs watching them put on their outfits. Colette was sporty spice and Carly was baby spice... Check out the one in leopard print, this is Brianna who was scarey spice and what do you think their Catholic High School thought when they arrived.
Carly was duchess of the SADD organization, so she was involved in the parade and being presented by her daddy on the field at the game.
The last picture was the girls dressed for the homecoming dinner and dance as they waited on their dates to arrive. Thankfully everyone had a safe evening.

Well here is the newest member of our household. This is Kourtni from Utah. We have known Kourtni and her family for several years. We met at the first Trisomy conference we attended and they have loved Annabel ever since. Kourtni was just finishing up with school in early summer and we were talking about what she was going to do. I asked her if she would be interested in relocating, coming to Texas and possibly being Annabel's nanny. I was not having much luck with nursing as I feel I am pretty picky. She said yes immediately so we continued to talk and make plans. We would meet at conference again and then in September she would travel to Texas. We were not able to make the conference due to Annabel's health. Kourtni went on vacation with her family and then went to work in Africa at her aunts orphange. Talk about a very motivated, giving, loving, smart, sweet young lady. How am I so lucky??? Finally, we made the arrangements for her to travel to Texas. I hate to whine, but lately I have been exhausted and found myself welcoming an extra set of hands. As you can see, Annabel took to Kourtni right away. Another good thing is that Kourtni is a licensed massage therapist and as you can tell she is benefitting from some much needed relaxation. We are all fairly jealous as we watch Annabel recieve several mini-massages daily. It is my prayer that Texas agrees with Kourtni and that this crazy group of Shelanders don't run her off.
Here is a short excerpt of what Kourtni's jobs were at the orphanage..think she is over qualified??? Also, he blog where you can view the children that stole her heart at the orphanage is: You may have to scroll thru a few entries to find the pictures and the descriptions of the children.

Whats my job?

While in Africa I was kept so busy and had to do so many things that I don't remember what my job title was to begin with. I had to be a pharmacist and get medicine for the kids, workers and those in the community; now I may not know how to pronounce things or the exact thing they should be used for but I know what color liquid medicine to give them for the flu, what size pill to give them for malaria, how to help a headache, etc. etc. I also acted as a nurse, bandaging up cuts, burns, scrapes and owies. I was a doctor who took care of sick kids, I slept with them when they needed extra watching and love during the night or I had them sleep with me so I could keep an eye on them. I was a bank teller and would give out money when needed and when we could help out. I was a boss/manager and handled all the employees, made sure they came to work and were doing their jobs. I was a referee and helped when there were arguments among the children or the workers and other volunteers. I was a taxi driver and drove people to the clinic, school, to their homes, etc. I was part of a hearse and ambulance crew who would take emergencies to the hospital or dead bodies to their homes after the passed away. I was a teacher and helped teach our kids when all the teachers decided they wanted to go on strike. I was a cook and helped cook meals at times. I was a maid and helped wash the laundry and keep everything picked up and clean. I was a caregiver and helped care for, love, play with and watch 39 amazing beautiful kids. Wanna know something? I absolutely loved every single minute of all of it and would do it all again in a heart beat if I could! So whatever the job may be I will take it! I will do it! I loved being there!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Favorite way to sleep...

Today is so much a better you can tell she is actually resting well. For this I am so thankful...

Monday, October 5, 2009


if you know anything or anybody who has experience with this could you please let me know...That is what sweet Annabel needs. She can't seem to stay well and is staying almost infected the entire time now. She has lost a pound in the last week and not wanting to eat. Nights are long as she is not comfortable. There is also possibly something going on around her surgery site that is causing much distention and she is in pain from this. She doesn't cry out with noise but today she just lay there on her quilt with tears rolling out the sides of her eyes.