Friday, December 10, 2010

Returning home...

It always feels so good. We came home yesterday but I didn't stop to blog. Thank you to everyone who lifted and carried my girl in prayers. We felt it each day and are grateful.
She is home, weak, tired and doing things she didn't go into the hospital with. The TPN is definelty showing effects on her liver. Somethings are really out of wack that haven't been before. With this horrible antibiotic and the TPN/Lipids most days she was losing two IV sites. She is bruised up and poked and prodded. But we are home.
We considered having a run to the ER tonight. The nurse nor I liked how she looked or sounded. Since Monday she has been keeping her mouth opened, drooling heavily,constantly moving her tongue in her mouth, making a quiet constant sound, all the while rolling her eye back and keeping them there. It looks very strange. I am trying to see if it the use of much Benadryl due to her itching while in the hospital, or possible side effect of the neurontin, maybe mucomyst. She looks pale/yellowish skin, white of eyes have yellowish tint and she is so weak. Tonight she began crying in obvious pain (unlike Annabel) and we didn't know what to do. Anyway, will keep you posted and praying to stay home through this holiday season.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Out of TCH...admitted St. Elizabeth

Her surgery was hard. Surgeon said very hard placement with much blood loss. Had to stay there overnight with discharge back in Beaumont to our favorite hospital. Will update little later. Thanks for continued prayers.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Surgery at two...

Just quick update before I pack my computer up...she is scheduled for two o'clock for central line. If all goes as expected we are being released and will be admitted to St. Elizabeth's tonight. It is amazing even though I am not going home, I totally feel like I am! Also, Dr. B is in the hospital today and tomorrow. We probably won't be in too long and then go home on antibiotic with our home health nursing.
She had a good night and I am watching her laying in the bed and clap her hands. I think she feels my joy in being released from here.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Good Day...

Today was the best day yet. She was happy and comfortable most of the day. She still has the itching going on and the thought is that it is the yeast still in her body or the liver enzymes/bile acids causing this.
The good news is we have a culture that was taken on Dec.1st and by tomorrow hopefully will still show no growth. That means we can have our central line placed. It is scheduled for 2 p.m. The plan is that if they can say she is stable with no growth in her blood and that the central line is place then we will be transported home. That is huge and Dr. B is waiting to accept us at our home hospital.
I am trying to load pictures from today. Most every day here at TCH during the Christmas season there is something Christmas going on. Couple days ago the little tree with the pink ornaments was given to us. Yesterday the Sesame Street Puppet show was given in our room and today this group came and passed out Christmas gifts. No not just one or two, but like six or more gifts. This does help bright a day when you don't have much else to do.
Jillian and her mom, Monica, also came to visit from Beaumont. She brought Annabel a best friends necklance and she is wear one also. We enjoyed our day with my girls and friends.
We are so thankful that Annabel seems to have fared well with this infection. As quick as she gets sick, she can recover so quickly. I really don't want to have this central line place due to high risk of infection again, but at this point we have no choice. This hospital stay has been the worst ever. I hate to complain but never had I felt that I had to fight for everything, big and small at this hospital. When meeting with the resident tonight she said they consider my hospital stay as sloppy. She admitted many things happening and that the hospital is in transition (new one being built in West Houston). I have noticed such a difference since last summer when we were here.
Again, thank you for your prayers and your comments.