Friday, January 14, 2011


We are out with nursing at home and IV antibiotics. She has less pain, still some vomiting but smiling and awake. I will take this any day. What they know for sure is that she has a very significant UTI. The thinking is this made its way to the kidneys. I am not sure if I already said but I was shocked when they said UTI. I pride myself on being able to predict this kind of thing. It came on faster than ever and if it got to the kidneys then we now will have to see if she is refluxing again. She hasn't had a kidney infection since her surgery when she was 16 months. Totally stopped the reflux and we are checked pretty regularly. I just can't remember the last VCUG to check for the reflux. She also has several areas of inflammation going on in her gut.
First let me thank you for your prayers. I truly felt you lifting Annabel in prayers and for this I am grateful.
Also, to our doctors and hospital who truly stuck to what they said about 23 hour observation, getting test done quickly and being released with a plan. This truly has made Annabel's hospital stays lately bearable. I know they quickly address the issues and have a plan then release to let us care for Bella at home. We are blessed with wonderful hospital nurses, home nurses and very patient doctors.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


They have admitted Annabel to our home hospital. She has had no improvement since this began. She has pain, vomitting and fevers. I have been able to read your comments and emails. Thank you all so much. They should be taking her soon for her CT scan. hoping soon to get results of cultures from central line. They do know she has a significant UTI going on for which I was shocked. I will post some news when they tell me more.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Please pray...

Annabel is again in much pain. We were in the ER early hours of the morning and they were so quick and attentive. I am so appreciative when they see us enter that we are whisk right back to a room, doctor in immediately and xrays, labs, urine drawn. The abdominal xray isn't conclusive, could be illeus, obstruction. She isn't distended at all and very little movement or sounds. We can't sit her up at all without so much discomfort and vomiting. Shows positive for UTI but not a big one, and basically she is always positive. We know when it needs to be treated and at this time isn't her issue. They are taking cultures to see if infection in her central line due to fever and vomiting. I am so praying that she doesn't have another infection or I may find myself wanting to pull this line and never put one back. (That is just an emotional response.) So the doctor said he didn't have a clue as to what to do and said we could be admitted or go home and see our pedi in her office today. Well we just saw her and Annabel barely made the trip there. She was in so much pain and then vomited while Dr. B was examining her. She was leaning toward the pain being from cramping and going to give med to address this. When she vomited she is leaning toward illeus/obstruction. So she doesn't want any medicines going into her gut until she sees us again. She gave us the option to return home for awhile and if we can make it til tomorrow she will recheck, if not back to hospital. I am so blessed to see how they trust and try to do everything to keep us out. We love our hospital locally, but know with our wonderful nurses we need to stay home. I don't like to ask for prayers unless she is critically sick but today the pain is great and I appreciate them.