Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter 2012

Our Easter was very quiet. It began with church with all the girls and then to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. Then a drive to the beach to check on the progress of our beach house. Slow going right now as they put all the beadboard and plankboard on the walls.
Praying that you all had a wonderful Easter!
Update on Annabel and what she is up to...She is going to school most days and back to her PT/speech also. She has two loose teeth right at the top in the very front. I can't begin to imagine how this will change her looks. Even though Annabel does smile it is much harder to get them. She seems to like to put her finger in her mouth or always have her pacifier.
She has been on Bactrim for her UTI that she just finished. Also she should finish her vancomycin this week for her c-diff. We are praying we can stay free of these two infections for a little while. It has been since January that she has had a line infection (woohoo!)
She has some issues going on with her gut! She has been on total gut rest for at least a month now. It isn't looking like we are close to begin feeding again anytime soon. Usually when Annabel is just on her TPN/Lipids she doesn't really retch/gag but not this time. We have been doing testing on her belly again for the last 3 weeks and we will be at TCH for results this Tuesday with GI. One of the best things is that Annabel's weight is down. She was 38 lbs. plus a month ago and due to some tweaking of her TPN/less Lipids she is down to 34lbs. This makes such a difference in her comfort level. She doesn't seem to hurt all over with the additional weight or the added oxygen. Her legs and arms are skinny but the usually were and just her core was very thick.  We trained another new nurse last week for the nights and she will begin this week. Tomorrow we begin training another new nurse for the day shift to help out with Debbie. She has been doing most all of the day shift and we are thankful to her. Hope everyone has a great week.