Thursday, April 24, 2008

No news is good news...

Several people have inquired that I have not made a post in a few days. I keep thinking that I want to be positive but lately my emotions have been a little down. I really know I am just tired, but I really just want everyone to think that it is always a great day here! I never want anyone to think that I am not so completely blessed by the gift God has given to us. I am so unbelievably BLESSED! On Monday night Annabel was very congested and has been having a fairly tight cough. I am sure it is just allergies. No need to see a dr. since we have been and continue to be on antibiotics. We have been so blessed not have many colds this winter, that I am sure this is just our good ole Southest Texas air. She is up almost every hour and crying out like she is uncomfortable. She wants to suck her paci but can't with the congestion. We are still praying that when the antibiotic is discontinued on Sunday that she will stay clear. With her being sick and myself not being full of energy, we are having some great snuggly time at home. Sometimes it is nice to not have any plans and just stay in our p.j.'s. Thank you for all the comments on the blog and I am truly grateful for the love sent Annabel's way. This picture is one of my favorites. It was taken in July, 2007. Due to her not feeling so well, I have not taken any pictures.

Monday, April 21, 2008

A new kind of normal...

I still continue to Thank God that we are home! I was so behind on everything, that I just made dents in what really needed to be done. I do know eventually it will all get done. I took a break from the internet, but we did take lots of pictures. My daughter will add a slide show later in the day. My intentions Saturday were just to stay home and let her rest, but my mom and sister came to Beaumont so we had lunch. It was nice and Annabel was full of her smiley self. She did go home to have a long nap. On Sunday we did attend Mass and she was her Angel self. We returned home for a short nap then off to a good friends baby shower. Everyone was amazed at how good she looked and how long she has gotten.
As far as her care, I am trying to work into a routine. She obviously needs her rest, so we will take off of therapy for this week. Due to the antibiotic and the effects it has on her tummy, most of her bottle feedings during the day are being given by tube. She still continues with the two extra feedings of Pediasure at night. Our new pump came in and it is much easier, but I still need to learn a bit about programming it so I am not up and down all night. She is taking her three meal by spoon as before. She has cut back a little herself, but I am sure this will increase after the 10 days of antibiotics. I just felt all weekend I constantly was cathing her, or doing her antibiotic wash in the bladder, or tube feeding, or giving medicines though her tube. OK, that is my whining for the weekend. I am so blessed that she is feeling better and we are home. That is my mantra!
This thank you is to my family. Without them I could not be caring for Annabel to the extent that they allow me. They know I am not a big fan of hospital food so from the time we arrive to discharge I have numerous calls asking can they bring me food. Also for the many visits, even though they are coming to see Annabel, I get to spend time with them. For my husband and the older ones that drive, that they all pitch in to pick up and take the younger ones to and from school and their many activities. All of this continues when we are home and I fail to mention how grateful I am all the time. I love you all!
Our next prayer request will be that this antibiotic works. She will be on it for 10days. She will be taking it until April 26th. Before, usually within the week of discontinuing the infection comes back. Hopefully, with the IV antibiotics and this to follow up she can stay clear for a bit longer.