Tuesday, March 3, 2009

All moved in...

Annabel's health is better. She is eating well and her energy level is almost back to normal. We have resumed most of our therapy and she is going to school much of the week. This past weekend we moved back into our home that was damaged from the storm. The work was due to be finished on Thursday of this past week, but they are running a little behind. Her room is almost done and we were able to move in. We are still living out of boxes but at this point I am just glad to be all together again. I do believe Annabel thrives on all the excitement (or dysfunction) of a busy home! She is always in someones arms or being entertained.
Tonight my 21 year old called and asked me to bring a thermometer and Tylenol over to his house. He said he felt he had fever and and hurt everywhere. So I sent Mel to pick him up. Sure enough, his fever was in excess of 102. In my book you always need your mommy when sick no matter what the age, right?
Annabel is sleeping through the night again and I am grateful. Thanks to everyone for their prayers and well wishes on our behalf.