Monday, January 23, 2012

Quiet and stressLESS!

 Annabel is growing up. Each time I look at her I see more of a little girl and not the baby that I once held. She is going to school most days and has been back into therapy for the last week or so. She continues to amaze and inspire us all who know her!
Sorry for the lack of updates. After our episode in September nothing seems of any consequence to write about. She is still on antibiotic for the c-diff and the abcess. Can't clear this up but we are making slow progress. Her eating is affected by the antibiotics that she takes so very soon I hope to see progress in her eating by her g-button.

The picture below is of our new beach house. We decided to build back since the last hurricane. We are getting excited as it should be ready sometime in April. This gives us something to do each weekend as we drive there to make decisions and see the progress.

Thank you for your continued support and caring of Annabel.