Friday, May 15, 2009

We are free...

Just a quick post. We are home and I am sorry I haven't made a post. We will be taking the medicines from home until her surgery. She doesn't have a problem being spoon fed but doesn't want that tubing anywhere near her button. This morning she has detached the tubing from the button twice which she has never even tried to do before. She whinces and whines when I put it in which is so unusal. But lately there is not pattern, except home then hospital, home then hospital...
Thank you to all who have made comments or email or calls, you are all so kind to take the time.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It's back...or did it really even go away...

The lab results are in and c-diff is back. When she was in Houston they tested her and it showed positive for c-diff. One week later we were admitted to our hospital here at home and found that her stool tested negative for c-diff. I guess we just assumed being on the antibiotic that it was gone. We finished the 20 days of Fladyl and never missed a dose. Friday was our last day and Monday night she began to show early signs. She is definetly not in as much pain and she is well hydrated. Those were two of her most severe symptoms last time we were in, so we think our pediatrician jump on this and got it very early. The thought is that she will have to just stay on this until her bowel surgery in early June. She is trying so feeds but with each feed she gets tummy troubles, nothing as bad as before. All in all things are better and hoping we can go home soon.
We called her pumonologist in Houston today as she was not keeping her sats up with the Bi-Pap. Being new at this not sure if he wants to add oxygen or adjust her setting on the machine.
On a side note, don't you think we need to request some pink hospital gowns??? Yellow totally washes her out!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Poor Annabel...

We are back in the hospital due to much loose stools during the night and not being able to keep her sats up on the bi-pap. The doctor wanted to make sure she didn't end up like her last hospital stay when she became so sick. She is also fairly congested which I am sure is not helping her to tolerate the bi-pap. She alarmed all night and in between I was changing diapers. I had to just hold her to help her remember to breathe.
They are suspecting c-diff, but couldn't get a good culture yet. The doctor says with her bowel being so large that the c-diff get in better control with the antibiotic but since she came off on Friday is lurks in this large area and then over grows as soon as there is no antibiotics (Fladyl). He is suspecting that she will need to be on it until her surgery that was just confirmed today for June 4th. We need to keep her well so she can have the bowel surgery. She needs the urinary procedure, waiting for 2nd opinion on May 20th and then hopefully can get this at same time as bowel.
They began two antibiotics today and I bet by tomorrow she will be sitting up in bed clapping and watching her movies.