Friday, April 18, 2008

We are HOME...

I will add more a little later with photos from the past two days. I just can't figure this out without my trusting daughter by my side.

So Happy To Be HOME.....

I want to thank everyone for their uplifting comments and their prayers for Annabel. Also, for all of you that made visits, calls and everyones friendship. Good news is that we are home. She is enjoying a nap in her own bed. The doctors gave order this morning that we would do another urinalysis and if the results were better we could be discharged. Well they were the same, which to me is better, just because they weren't worse. The nurses knew I was so ready and counting on being home for the weekend that they called the doctor to speed things up. I cannot say how wonderful this staff at the hospital makes our stay. When we leave we honestly feel like we are leaving our family. This includes nurses, ward clerks, aides, cleaning staff and the doctors. I have added the rest of the photos from yesterday and today. My very good friend Connie, who is my go to for such a wealth of information came for a visit. She also has a very beautiful Angel who just turned one recently, along with 4 other precious children. Her husband John is also in one of the pictures with Annabel. Connie is in charge of a program that Annabel participates in which provides for many of Annabel's needs. The two ladies that came with her to visit are Susan and Elaine and this was Annabel's annual visit. I thank them for tracking us down at the hospital to take care of business. The last couple pictures are of Annabel with just a few of these wonderful nurses. She always brightened when they came into her room. We promise that she doesn't hold a grudge from the IV's.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Not His Plans...

Oh well, I guess it was not in His plans and I know there is a reason. Needless to say I was very disappointed. Something has gone up in her urinalysis instead of down. We will repeat again after 6:00 p.m. then culture again in the morning. Since I had made a post that we would probably be out and home today, I just wanted to set it straight. Thank you for your continued prayers!!!

So faithful...

I could not think of what to put for a title on this post because this man is so many things to us. I thought of a rock but we all know that God is our rock and he has carried Annabel thus far. We all know that God is faithful also, but that is how I describe Dr. Prause. For the very first time in over 3 years he took a break over the weekend and a wonderful doctor filled in. I am glad to see that he took time off for whatever reason. He has always been there for my way too many questions. This man has become very special to Annabel and myself. He has always recognized that Annabel is here for a special purpose. I have never had to convince him that she deserves the same care as other children. He is a very busy man and I know I surely add to his caseload. We know behind every great man is a wonderful woman and he does have a very sweet wife. In this case, I am speaking of his nurse, Shirley. Not only does she take great care and shows such love for Annabel, but has acted also as my counselor. At times I just fall apart. She just puts me in a room as if I am the patient and talks with me. For this I am grateful. Let me not forget all of his office staff. They take all my calls right away, no matter how busy they are. The answer is come right in and she is always taken right back. I owe so much to this doctor and his entire office. Thank you first to God for leading us to this great man and also for this unbelievable office staff.


Well I knew I would forget someone when I started listing visitors. My days seems to run together when I am here. On Monday she had 3 special people visit her. The morning began with Mary Gradney who came by. In the afternoon another surprise visit from Gay and Denise Domingue. These are 3 beautiful ladies who pray for Annabel on a regular basis. I am sure I have left others out and like today will be awake since 2 a.m. trying to remember did I forget others. Each and everyones friendship is important to Annabel but also to the support they provide to me.
Ok, Dr. Prause came by and said we can give 2 more doses of the antibiotic and repeat the urine. If all goes well we can be release by noon. Thanks again to all the prayers for precious Annabel!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Just A Quick Update

Cindy stopped by this morning to visit. She has become a part of this hospital trip. Every morning Cindy comes by to start the day and Annabel loves her visits. Also Dr. Brown, a good friend, who was looking quite energetic came by to say HI! While we were in Houston, Carol her therapist came by to bring her a precious giggling pig. Annabel can't take her eyes off of it!! Houston was reassuring in the fact that the surgery was a success and she is healing properly. Te only downside of the trip was that she lost the IV when returning home. Good news is the doctor decided not to put back in... yay!!! This evening she started her oral antibiotic and, depending on how she reacts, she could possibly be released tomorrow. YIPPEE!!!! Thanks for all the support.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Today her tummy is doing a lot better and isn't as tender as it was yesterday. Her systems are working full blast.... intake and output!!! The doctors plans to do some lab work on her so hopefully good news is in the future. Tomorrow they are granting her a day pass to leave the hospital to go to Houston for a post-op. check up appointment with her gastro. As soon as we get back in town it is back to the hospital for IVs hookups and re-runs of the same cartoons for the little girl. Hopefully sometime between Thursday and the weekend she will be released. She has had an abundance of visitors since last evening. Last night, Lindsay came by to get some work done and Annabel apparently wanted a say so in the colors for the carpet. This morning Loma stopped by to watch the little girl while I went to my doctors appointment, then Cindy, a friend from church, and Lauren came to say hello. This afternoon her favorite teacher, even though she is her only teacher, came to make sure Annabel wasn't skipping class. Last but not least Colette decided to skip tennis this evening to bring Annabel a card and hang out for awhile. This evening Dr. Laurie Thompson stopped by to visit!! She is the neonatologist who cared for Annabel when she was born until her release from the neonatal unit. We think she is an amazing doctor and have not been able to see her since then. It was a great pleasure and huge surprise when she came by to see Annabel. She has never had a trisomy baby survive and was truly amazed at Annabel's progress. We are grateful for the care given to Annabel in her early days. Finally, Dr. Pam St. Armand came by to see Annabel again today. She says when she wants to see a happy person she comes to visit Annabel. We thank everyone for the time they take to visit with Annabel. Thanks again everyone who has called and stopped by to check up on the Bella. She is a fighter all the way and as each day passes you can tell by her facial expressions that she is feeling better.

A SPECIAL thank you goes out to the nurses here in pediatrics caring for Annabel. Thanka everyone for all the caring and the compassion that you all have showed to Annabel. Also, all the support y'all have showed to me as her mom, not only this hospital stay but since she was 2 months old coming here.
Thank you Nurses, Aids, and Ward Clerks:
Mary H., Sharon B., Lindsay R., Mary Ann M., Lori H., Cynthia P., Betty S., Sarah G., Angie B., Marion I., Niya K., Luisa S., Betina H., Marilyn S.,Beverly, Darla, and Jordan.
Please forgive me if I have forgotten any names and don't hesitate to let me know.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Tummy Troubles

Today has been kind of stagnant. She had a stomach x-ray this morning to evaluate her intestines. The results of that showed that she has developed an ileus, intestinal obstruction. We do not believe this to be serious and hopefully it will pass fairly quickly. She has struggled to take in food today. The doctors are wanting her to consume 24 ounces a day which is really going to be a struggle since on a good day she takes in maybe half of that. She has not had a fever and her urine is clearing up. Visitors keep coming and Annabel bids them farewell with all teeth blazing. Thank you everyone for calling, e-mailing, and coming to see her in her time of struggles.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Evening News....

We got the results back from her latest chest x-rays and all is clear. I haven't formally received results from the Echo test, but the nurse speculated that it was already what we knew about her bicuspid aortic valve hoping that the fever and agitation were the cause for the concern. The UTI was of no surprise to us to find good ole' e-coli to be back in action. It confirmed that Furodanten is the only antibiotic that can be taken orally to fight off the UTI. She continues to be very uncomfortable around her abdomen area. Her fever has continued throughout the evening but luckily it isn't as high as this morning. She does have her smiley times and definitely enjoys entertaining her visitors. It has been a family day today at the hospital for her. She had visits from all the siblings as well as her good friends Edie, her son Ben, Annie, and Katie. She also had visits yesterday evening from her babysitter, Lauren, and her sister Katie.

Quick update...

I will start by saying thank you to all who have visited, called and offered prayers on Annabel's behalf. We are truly grateful! Her fever had pretty much gone until 5:30 a.m. when it was 103. No one is sure why since she is on the super hero of antibiotics. This made for a very restless night and she was visibly uncomfortable. The good news is her diarrhea seems to be better and she did eat her cereal this morning. She is so sweet and smiles at everyone.