Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tooth fairy?????

Well after 3 attempts at home to pull her very loose tooth, we elected to call our pedi dentist and let him do it. It had been very loose for 3 weeks and there was the contant worry that she could swallow it. She was such a big girl and it was very quick. In one of the pictures she looks scared but I think it happen so quick and she was just curious as to why his hands were in her mouth.
Annabel will be going back for surgery this Monday to place a central line (Broviac) into her chest. Also her GI doctor will go in for biopsies a 3 rd time since June. Please keep her in your prayers that it will be quick and we will return home that night. Also,her new hemotology doctor is getting some concerning results. There have been so few post and I am sorry. There are many things going on with Annabel and I am still processing them. There is still no hope for any type of food into her belly and I am struggling with this also. At this time we have removed her from all outside therapy as it seem too much for her body. She tires easily and is pale many days. I will try to update with the findings after her surgery on Monday.