Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Update 9-17-08

Just a quick note to say that Annabel was much better today. She woke happy and seemed less tender in the belly. The doctor mentioned how fast the shot would work and it did. She has had this shot before when things get bad.
Also I wanted to clear up about the surgery (can't remember the name) that I mentioned in yesterdays blog. That is not what I am considering right now at all. That is what her urologist wanted to do and said that if the infections continued to be a problem. With the cathing she has had less infections and not near as serious as prior to the cathing and the antibiotic wash in the bladder. My plan is to possibly still let her potty and just try to cath her in the morning and before bedtime. Those two times I can give her the gentimycin wash and then see if this lessens the infections. Then she can still be so proud of herself! She has never like a dirty diaper so I know she likes to be clean and dry on her bottom.
News today from Entergy(eclectic co.) says that they will turn the power on in stages 50% by Sept. 22, 80% with power by Sept. 30, 100% with power by Oct.6. YIKES!!!!
I am taking a positive outlook and since we were turned on last from Hurricane Rita that maybe we will be in the first group. On the other hand since we were the last group that maybe how it works. We just might be in that order as far as turning the grids back on. They have explained that you cannot just turn the whole city on, it must go in stages. So we will be patient and again be thankful that we have a home to return to.

Update 9-16-08

Things are fairly normal here in Dallas. We got a late start to the day, due to being up so late with Annabel. I thought she looked better than the days before so it was such beautiful, cool weather I thought we would venture out to the outlet malls so the older girls could hang out. We had lunch at our favorite, La Madelines!
Off to the outlet mall. Annabel ate her lunch well and then I began to feed her with her tube and she increasing became uncomfortable. By 4 p.m. she didn't want to be held and was very sore and had a huge belly. I called Dr. Prause out pediatrician. Can you believe through all that is going on in Beaumont, he answers personally. I explained what was going on with her and we both thought it could be an obstruction or blockage of some sort. After all, just last week she had a UTI infection and was on her second antibiotic with in 8 days. Of course, it couldn't be that!
Well after some xrays, urine test and some lab work, they found that she has a very ugly UTI (that is what the dr. called it). They said the xrays showed her to have a very distended bladder (funny since she had wet two diapers in ER waiting room and has wet the xray and the table prior to taking the xray). I thought that is crazy that is could be so distended. After four different people thinking that they could get blood, they resorted to drawing out of her finger. Of course, I asked this after the second person tried to get blood out of her arms, foot etc. They said no, had to be out of vein. She showed to be anemic and has some other levels off and we need to have these address as soon as we return home.
The dr. gave her a big shot of Rocephin. This shot has always worked great by the next day when given to her at the hospital. Also, Dr. Prause gives it to her to keep her out if possible. We will now get a 3rd antibiotic in 9 days tomorrow morning.
All this said, I started wondering if we were going to be able to continue the potty. She is obviously not emptying her bladder when going on the potty. We have been told that her bladder is so stretched out from never being able to totally empty it and that what doesn't empty is a breeding ground for infection.
I don't mind cathing her, but she is always so proud of herself when she potty's. I loved how happy it makes her and she knew she was doing something really good! For now, I will have to go back to cathing on a very regular basis. It is really not good for her tissue to continue to do this. The other option is the surgery that they put her tube to just drain out constantly in her diaper. She would never be able to potty train. I guess since I know she has that potential, it breaks my heart to consider that option.
This was so long, just to say UTi infection again!
As of today, we don't know when we will have power. Entergy is showing an estimate that all of our town should be restored by 10/6/08. After Rita, we were the very last to be turned on, don't know if that will be the same. I guess it is where your grid is located. It is easy to be patient, when we know if we return we just stop the progress for everyone. Knowing that the water is no safe is enought to stay away with Annabel. All the older kids are doing great and of course, excited about no school.
Saying thank you to all of the workers, emergency personel, national guard and all others working each and everyday to bring us back as quickly as possible. Praying for all who had much damage, especially the ones who were displaced by Rita and again have to be displaced!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Update 9-15-08, Monday

We arrived in Dallas Sunday evening. We are in a hotel and very comfortable and thankful to be here. Everywhere you go are evacuees.
I was able to find a link to see some pictures. It is
I have seen things locally in our home town, but was not able to see Galveston and the beach where out beach house was located. It is very hard to even know from these pictures, but were able to see the extent of the destruction. Really, it is all material things and the important thing is that people are safe.
Well now it is 2 a.m. Tues. morning. Had a hard day with Annabel. Having tummy issue and vomiting today. She loves home and this traveling is not the best for her. Routine is what she thrives on! We did go to the ER and after 3 1/2 hours with 12 still in front of us, decided to try back tomorrow or maybe some acute care center with less waiting. The ER people were doing all they could and found a waiting area for us where no others were. They said possibly we would not even get to a room until 7 a.m. She is asleep and will see what tomorrow brings. Our pediatrician is so wonderful at home. He stayed for the last hurricane and answered phone to give advice 3 years ago. Will try him in the morning and see what to do.
Later in the evening we were able to view arieal views of Crystal Beach and zoom in on our road, and maybe five house standing on our side and our was gone. I am not dwelling on this as to there is so many things more important. I talked with a friend in Galveston today and was told it is everything the media is saying and worse. They have lost everything and this is where they lived. But as they said no one is hurt and that is important.
We know that all at home are doing everything to get us back and our city up and running. It is not safe to be there with no power or water supply. We are just in the way and they ask that we stay out so their job can be done. We are comfortable her and have all extended family with us. Thank you to all who have called or emailed or commented on the post!
Sorry for the delay in the post, but Verizon towers have been very busy and that is my internet source. I am also busy trying to make sure the kids are settled and all are entertained and happy!

A very sweet friend from home offered to take these photos of Annabel. I am so thankful for her offer, and she took so much time with Annabel. This is one of over a hundred plus photo and also the one on the sidebar. Thank you, Carolyn! Hoping ya'll are safe from the storm.