Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Very Good Time...

Annabel is at a very good place right now. She is healthy and happy. On Sunday Annabel was able to go to church with her Loma and Lanny. Then she went home and spent some time with them for a few more hours. I call their home her peaceful retreat. She gets so much love when she is with them. It had been quite a while since she visited at their home due to the tube feedings and the need to be cathed.
Their church has been with Annabel since she was born, have offered so many prayers on her behalf. She is truly family in this church. It had been quite a while since she visited at their home due to the tube feedings and the need to be cathed.

Our transition back to school couldn't have been better. I am always looking for signs of stress in new situations. I can honestly say that since she began on Monday I haven't seen any sign at all. Now, I do believe Annabel adjust well most of the time, but everyday and all day classes is quite a bit. So much of the credit goes to Annabel's school. I was told last year that if I could get her a spot at this school and with this teacher, that I had better take it. God knew right where Annabel needed to be and placed her there. I love her teacher, Mrs. Anne and her two aides, Ms. Lisa and Ms. Alice. The principal and the vice principal are amazing! From what I hear, they both take their precious time to go in and spend time with her. I have heard this from many people not working at the school. Also I understand several of the parents who children attend this school (not in her class) visit her in her class room. I find myself thinking how can I possibly thank all of these people for the time, love and attention given to Annabel. Maybe a front page ad in our local paper???? Having never had a little one in the public school system or in a special class, I had concerns that maybe Annabel would just be placed in a chair or laid on the floor and not get that much attention. After all, Annabel can't tell me herself anything, right? I can honestly say I do not have one single reservation about her being in school five days a week all day. (Last year we were very inconsistant due to illness and therapy) I would love her to go all five days all day because I see so much happiness when I stop by the class to check on her or when she get out of school.

Something very big happened today at school! I said no more about potty issues, but today was the first time that she did her business at school for the teacher. Yippee! She has continued to potty upon waking, returning home from school and prior to bedtimes. The potty chair is different at school and her feet do not touch the floor. I believe she just wasn't totally comfortable whereas hers at home she is very secure sitting on. I really cannot remember the last time at home that she has had any accidents during her waking periods. She sometimes still has a wet diaper during the night. The most awesome part is that I am hardly cathing her anymore. When she first began to potty I would follow up with cathing. I was not sure how much she was getting out, but day by day she has had less and less. Two good things
have come from this, first is that since she makes poopy on the potty it doesn't seem to travel back up and get bacteria in places that they are not suppose to be, so therefore we are at this time not doing the antibiotic insertions into her bladder. This is really too much info for family and friends, but in the case of a parent with a special child who maybe going through the cathing, it is good news.

With the addition of going back to school Annabel has a new PT. Her name is Meg and we are so lucky she is right here in the town we live in. Like only 5 minutes from our home. She is new to the area, and we are so lucky to have found out about her. (on a sidenote, our precious Hailey had a new baby and will be taking much time off)
She does more intensive type therapy and although Annabel is not ready for that she is trying Annabel at three days a week, 1 hour at a time. Good news is that she made all three days and lasted the full hour even after all day school. Also, she is remembering what she learned the session before and readily repeats it or catches on very quickly.
Ok, I am sure I sound like I am high on something or that this is a high point in my manic stage. I promise I am not, I am just so overly grateful to God! He has shown us way more blessings and miracles than we could have ever expected. First, he has placed Annabel with us and I cannot even begin to deserve this! Second, he has given Annabel this most amazing spirit to fight, learn, and be joyous beyond belief. Thirdly, he has placed so many people like her teachers, therapist, doctors, nurses, etc. Fourth, he has brought so many people into my our lives that I am sure we would otherwise not known. These people are local and through her blog, all over the world. I think you can see why I am feeling beyond BLESSED!
Through all of this thankfulness, I do not want to forget others families this week that have lost their little ones. To mention just a couple, Christian and Nolan. If we could please keep them in our prayers as their arms are aching with emptiness. Also, for Magdalena who is doing well, but suffering some spells with apnea. Most of these she brings herself out of, but some are very frightening.