Sunday, November 7, 2010


Annabel had a busy weekend planned. She was to make an appearance at the ARC Christmas card kick-off Saturday morning. Here below she is pictured with Sydney Datcher from Keller (near Dallas). Her platform is children with special needs. You see Sydney is living this life with her younger sister, Simone. As you can see she is such a beautiful young lady with such a huge heart. My prayer for her is that she will accomplish all she sets out to do through her life, all the while bringing attention to special needs children.
Annabel was acknowledge along with several other artist that made the cards. Ms. Ann (her teacher) helped Annabel make her card.
After this stop we brought Annabel home to have a much needed nap. You see the night before Annabel spent in the ER for yet another UTI. She has done amazing since May with no infections until about 3 weeks ago. Just this past Monday she had a follow-up culture to make sure the culture was clear and yes it was. But by Friday afternoon her urine was cloudy and on Thursday night she was uncomfortable. So after calling the Pediatrician Friday afternoon, they decided we needed to go into the ER for another culture. You see Monday morning (tomorrow) Annabel is going in for her central line placement and biopsies. The last thing we need is an infection and a central line. So the doctor came back a few hours later and yes, another infection. Not yet, as bad as the first but so soon. So another antibiotic was started and hopefully she will be able to get her central line placed in the morning. Her picc line is hanging on barely by a thread. The stitches are barely there and I have been a nervous wreck babying them.
So after her nap we went to the Children's Miracle Network Radiothon to be on live. She had been on via a taped session on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. There are two radio stations that had her story on and they did such a beautiful job putting her story to music. Each time I listened I realized what a miracle Annabel's life really is. Also a huge thank you to Emily, who is the representative of the hospitals and responsible for putting on this radiothon. She was also responsible for the Children's Miracle Network Telethon that was back in May.
After the Radiothon we went back home until 6p.m. We went to pick up Ms. Ann and then went to the ARC dinner. It was so nice. Again, they announced the artist to come up on stage. Annabel received a t-shirt with her card printed on the front. It was so nice to see these special children and adults so proud of their work and being acknowledged. Thank you to this organization and all they do to help our children.
Annabel with Miss Teen Texas at the Christmas Card kick-off for ARC

Annabel and Tara during the Children's Miracle Networks Radiothon.

Annabel, Mommy and Tara

Annabel and Rebecca with the two DJ's broadcasting the CMN

Annabel and Emily who works for St. Elizabeth and was in charge of the raising of funds for the Children's Miracle Network.

Annabel and Ms. Ann who shared our table at the ARC dinner last night.

Annabel after being presented as an artist for her Christmas card.

Picture of Annabel's Christmas card she made for ARC