Saturday, January 8, 2011

Central Line Dressings???

We are having so much trouble with Annabel's central line dressing. Any bandage we have used so far is causing her skin to have issues. She claws and scratch at the bandage and she has never been one to scratch. I have contacted our company that supplies her TPN and have been told this is all they have. I am including a picture of the best dressing for her site but again it caused problems with her skin. The one in the picture is called Sorba-View. Other bandages have been tegaderm (sp?), IV 3000, Medipore plus Pad, and one that comes with the dressing change kit. I was hoping that making this post maybe some of you that have central lines would have some other ideas. So please, if you know of any other solution please let me know. My email is
At this point we are doing daily dressing changes and that is not good. When we began it was weekly then a few times a week and now more often. You don't want to do changes often due to infection.
Thank you to everyone who reads and prays and I know this post won't be for everyone.