Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Annabel's portraits

We had Annabel's 5 year old portraits taken a few weeks ago. Here are just a sample of them. Amy Wade was our photographer. So many people have told me that she is so patient and wonderful with special children and they were so right. She loved Annabel and Annabel loved her and her assistant. I will surely be back for more.

Annabel continues to struggle with not feeling her best. She had a temp and respiratory begin this weekend. They tend to follow or come along with the UTI. Annabel was on a prophylactic dose of Bactrim and was suppose to stay on this until her surgery (dilation) in late May. Her bacteria of choice these days is E-coli. She has become resistant to Bactrim and now the furodantin. We are now going to stay on a phophylactic dose of Cefolexin until the surgery. As Dr. B mentioned it is getting very hard or that we are up against a wall as far as antibiotics go. I try to ignore them (UTI's) until the symptoms get worse so we can not be on an antibiotic longer than necessary. She use to never run fever or just rarely, but she has had a low grade 99.4 - 100.8, vomiting and much discomfort during the nighttime hours. It hurts to see her so uncomfortable, but she improves during the day, most of the time. Maybe laying still she notices it much more. Lets just say I am ready for the end of May for her to get some relief.

Enough of this so enjoy her pictures. Thank you to all who follow Annabel's story and who continue to pray for her.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Two Princesses...

These pictures are not in order but trying to load them quickly. The girls had lots of fun and we were so proud of them. As much as we want our children to grow up and move on, it is bittersweet to realize they have become beautiful young ladies. I will write more when I have some time.