Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Yeast is growing in line....

That sums it up! They pulled the line and began fungal antibiotics.hoping soon to see fevers go down and an overall improvement. They have just draw her morning labs do hoping and praying her liver shows improvement also. Thanks for continued prayers for her organs to be protected from this fungal infection that is going through her blood stream.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

She just needs a break...

Annabel was transferred to Tx Children's around noon today with a high fever. It began with a call to GI who wanted her admitted for a possible central line infection. I couldn't argue with them because she just wasn't right! It didnt seem to be her tummy, she has been on two different IV antibiotic for a UTI. Supposedly as of last week her liver enzymes had come down to the mid 200's. She didn't have a respiratory that we could tell.    We are being admitted when a room is available. We will wait for cultures of her blood and urine.
So far all that has returned are that her liver numbers are over 1100. Maybe tomorrow will hold some answers. As always prayers are what carry Annabel through!