Saturday, April 18, 2009

What a great evening...

In comparison to this time last evening, this one is wonderful. My evening consisted of ordering take out at Jason's Deli (the best soup in the world, Poblano Corn Chowder). Ok, really I ordered 3 bowls of it, Tara is leaving tomorrow and I needed my lunch and dinner for tomorrow. Can you tell I love this soup????
As far as entertainment, I had Annabel to watch. Her and Tara put on a show. For about 20 mins. she was so animated. We laughed so hard and with a belly full of the best soup I am about to take a much needed winters nap, or maybe just a peaceful nights sleep. They still say she will need to begin to eat eventually and see what her gut does when they introduce her pediasure and then baby food. Putting up a few pictures so you can see why I was so entertained tonight.
I also wanted to say how kind the things you have said about Tara. She has provided me with great company and been a great pair of hands to have being here. I am equally as lucky that Mel is home keeping the homefront in shape.
As I sleep tonight, I will thank my sweet Jesus for the smiles that he has given today. He gave us so much by allowing us to have Annabel for these past 4 years and I pray I can give Him glory by being a better mom to all my children.


Laurie in Ca. said...

How Sweet these girls are!! Have a wonderful nights sleep Cathy, knowing Annabel is in the best hands of all, the Lords.

Love and Hugs, Laurie

Susan and Michael said...

Oh how precious. I just cried when I saw that sweet smile. Still praying that each day will get better.

Susan Brewer

Kelly said...

it's wonderful to see both of these girls smiling together. you can just see how much both of them love each other. you're a great mom cathy! all of your kids are proof of that!

my3sons said...

What beautiful pictures of your girls! It's great to have an extra pair of hands from your family. I can you that you are a great mom! Your children are very lucky!! I'm so happy to see Annabel smiling. I hope you got a good nights sleep:) Katie

Lauren Ford said...

awww... so good to see her awake and alert! Tara is awesome, i agree~ Cathy, you totally deserve all these wonderful people you have in your life. you have meant so much to them!
glad you got some of that awesome soup and i hope you got the sleep you needed!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful News.

Please give Tara a hug for me. When I consider the quality of life of special children like Annabel, I look Tara and you Cathy and to Mel, keeping the homefires burning.

It is the witness of all of you, sacrificing endlessly, sleeping on couches and doing everything you can just for another day of smiles form your princess.

That is the real gift, the gift of humanity. Children like Annabel give that to us and it is a beautiful thing to witness.

Thank you so much for sharing Annabel and your lovely family with all of us.

If only people could witness that, maybe they would understand.

This week was our first hearing day for a Human Rights Complaint related to the death of our Annie against one of the top Pediatric Institutions in the World.

Sadly, they don't seem to understand.


Anonymous said...

Oh Cathy - HOORAY HOORAY!!!!!! How elated you must feel as you watch your beauties smile at each other!!!! I know things are looking up from here - thank God! Thanks for the update - my Sunday is just made now!!!! Love to ALL of the Shelanders!!!

Holly McCormick said...

I am just getting around to reading all your posts from the last several days. I am soooo sorry that Annabel has been so sick. Morgan had c. diff. a year or so ago. Yuck is not even the word for it. Poor baby Annabel. But,they can clear it up fairly quickly.

I don't have any experience with any of her other issues,but it sounds like you have a wonderful team looking after her. I will continue to hold her in my thoughts and prayers.